Ice bears are dissapearing ? the ice is melting ? the ones that had been and checked

had they been there Before?

the siberian train end in vlaivostok near the ocean the prob have an harbour

You search on hilton hotell and a fancy hotell called lotte hotels shows up

they have a zoo ?

maybe with some polar bears from greenland ?

some siberian tigers the 200 they have

maybe its hot now ? 17 deegres

maybe they have som koalas?

elephants ?

dont know maybe a pool with Dolphins ?

they can have the bears inside a hockey rink during the summer ?

or they can live outside they are just White bears

what do we ship from europé to africa in capten philips they hijack a ship !!

maybe the prison i talked about is there they did drugs there but there is a zoo also

with animals that are not allowed to leave there homes they are not allowed to be shot

or which animals are that

maybe they have some mooses from sweden

the famous trips from Vancouver to vladivostok

that is what the Greenpeace ships where are doing they took polar bears from greenland and tigers and like pumas from africa South america.

ofc they have a casino

and its prob there all the russian “oil” millioners live that are rich from like a kassa and like Insurances they have middle accounts like in sweden and many countries.

the oil millionares work for the guv

could the Company

dachstein have anything to do with these place

the sell ragg socks thick socks to russians

many sock many millions

they have a ski resort

i Think that this zoo also has to do with the hunter from ace ventura !

he had a caste on robben Island and maye one in Vladivostok !

dear and heart hunter =)

not for my wall for my mind to get a smile =)




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