Sons of Anarchy / Belfast

Belfast / Sons of Anarchy

“we have to send agents to belfast”

Sons of anarchy

Agent stahl (FBI) killed season 3 episode 12, 23 November 23 2010

They go to Belfast episode 13, 30 November 2010

To visit there relatives.

The ones in Belfast didnt really have a base ?!

Oktober 2012 Harley Davidson openeded an office/fabric in Belfast.

With the help from Jax Teller and the Sons from LA.

Agent stahl was send by the american embassy in Belfast to stop them from

But she was killed, so they wasnt stopped.

There are american companies in Belfast.

One of them Emerson Electric

“We drive innovation that makes the world healthier safer smarter,
more suistanable”

Its about that company, people dont want anyone to find it.

It is Hells Angels And bandidos that works in That harley davidsson
fabric they are friends.

its about the prizes on drugs.
One take down the prize and makes it a bit better ?
people buy ? they get there confident

Then they raise and make it worse ?

They like shift every month one take down makes it better ?
then they raise

One is cheap and better and one is expensive and worse they are like
a month away from eachother Hells angels and Bandidos.

They are probably not that scary they dont kill they sell drugs and

They carpool to that factory they work from 17-00 they dont use the MCs that much so they carpool
Some works in the factory other drives around with there MC and sell.

If the police sees people with An MC they just think its people that tries an MC.

People dont look the MC gangs works at Harley Davidsson.

We have to send agents to Belfast is about stopping people from coming to Emerson Electric and
finding that company and from them seeing the MC club ?

They are send by the banks, the banks want drugs- loans-

The gangs dont have hackers who can see if people are coming to Belfast.
They dont have hackers but they dont want the americans there also.
They dont want that company to expand, and they can not show there faces and scare them ?

If smart americans was to come there they could expand and they would see the gangs.

The police drives MC in belfast but its probably because its so small roads ?

Even had a theory that they are criminals the actors in Sons Of Anarchy.


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