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“Your taxes is paid with the companys winning, momsen”

A pepsi costs 10 kr to buy for the grocery stores, they can raise it with 33 %.
To 15 kr.

That they like hide on the recipe it will say 15 kr and like in the small print, 10 kr 5 kr moms.

Momsen is the companys winning.

You have 150 kr an hour – 33% thats about 100 kr.

With that 150 kr a normal person working in like a sportstore gets 30 000 kr brutto thats 20 000 netto.

100 kr is 2/3 of 150 kr

and 20 000 is 2/3 of 30 000.

its 33 % that is lost – 1/3.

Its the moms that pays your salury – momsen is the winning.

And its also momsen that you pay the 33 % in taxes with.

plus 33 % on the grocerys moms

  • 33 % on your salury – taxes.

Its the taxes money the state us to build schools roads etc and pay all the the people working for the state.

the state is the most important people in all the state companys.

State banks, police, firemen, schools, IRS, in USA cia and fbi.

The guvernment in Sweden is the most influenced important people in all the the parties about 50 – 60 people.
They all know eachother and its the same people every year after year.

They have meetings behind close doors.

The state meetings is about 200 – 300 maybe.

Riksdagen, riksdags huset ( in USA capitolium ) are like 100 people of the less important in every parti.
Those meetings is not that important.

In sweden we have to big parties

Socialdemokraterna ( in USA the democrats )
Moderaterna ( repuplicans )

Its always 33 % you pay in Sweden in taxes from your salury.

The “poor” socialdemokraterna wants those 33 % to be less, so they make more money on the salury.

And they want the rich to pay more ?

“where goes the line between rich and poor”

What socialdemokraterna dont understand is that the rich to pay more in taxes is.
Socialdemokraterna wins the most then its 50 %
its 50 % when you buy cars, houses, boats, apartments.

So if you buy a car for 100 000 kr you pay 150 000 !! 50 % in taxes.

When moderaterna are in control its 40 %.

So when socialdemokraterna is back its 50 %

They want the rich to pay more in taxes.

Moderaterna are ofc more succesful.
They work maybe Ericsson ( phones )
100 000 brutto – 66 000 netto – 33 %

An socialdemokrat work grocery store 30 000 brutto – 33 % = 20 000

10 000 in taxes

The “poor” socialdemokraterna are ofc closer to be out of work ?
Thats why they want the rich to pay more in taxes so they get more beeing out of job.

“Where goes the line between rich and poor” ?

Socialdemokraterna believes that the Rich – moderaterna pays more than thos 33 % but its about the 50 %
on byiung boats cars houses apartments.

To explain when socialdemokraterna wins the second mandate nothing happens its 33 % and 50 %
THe first year its goes from 40 – 50 %.

But wouldnt it be better for socialdemokraterna that moderaterna are in control,
less taxes 40 % moderaterna are richer ?

And a socialdemokrat can afford to buy a car also maybe with less taxes 40 %

And when a socialdemokrat buys a car from a moderat, moderaten can create more companys from that money ?

More companys equals more job,

A socialdemokrat are closer to unemployment and people with no work should vote socialdemokraterna because
the taxes are more 50 % for the people that buy expensive things?

Nothing happens with the 33 % everyone knows that,
“When socialdemokraterna wins nothing happens”

Socialdemokraterna wins more often.
50 % in taxes but that only like ruin it for people who buys cars houses.

Often moderaterna.

Less cars they buy less taxes for socialdemokraterna, out of work you get paid with the taxes money.

A socialdemokrat wants the rich to pay more in taxes they think its more than those 33 %?

When moderaterna win 40 % ? more companys they can create and more job you can get ???

“its not about the taxes its about the interest on the money in the bank”

Its not about those 33 % they are always 33%. they want the money in the bank to be more and earn more in interest
the money gets more when moderaterna are in control ?
More jobs ? people pay more in taxes ?
The ones with job gets better job – more taxes.
YOur salury is based on how much the customers buys.

This is the real moderaterna the good ones.

MOre job more taxes equals more moeny for an socialdemokrat without a job ?

But the guvernment “regeringen” wants people to be sick have no jobs ?
More medecin – richer on shares ?
“we make more on the shares than we do on the taxes”
Socialdemokraterna 50 % on expensive things.
People get slow and can not brake down the system.

The guvernment is Socaildamokrater all of them.
More sick more money on shares ?

But they let moderaterna win 2012 and 2016 ?
Instagram even more medicin ?
The taxes went down to 40 % more cars.

Even the blues are red in the guvernment.

Guvernment about 60 * 80 people ? help from Aftonbladet

They live in Djursholm outside Stockholm

“We practice on the golf course”

On how to pretend to be enemies.

A politician is also paid with the taxes money.
That money people can find when searching on them.

When the guvernment have done there jobs – more money in on taxes
more salury to themself.

They also are paid with the taxes money ofc without taxes –

The shares money cant be found ??

When moderaterna are in controll – less loans – more money on the bank – more money on the interest.

Lets say the interes is 2 %

If your money on the bak is more those 2 % you get for the bank loaning your money becomes more.


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