My name is Niklas K i was born in Gothenburg Sweden in the 80s.

The fall 2012 i had a club and i Dj at one of Gothenburg biggest clubs Park Lane.
After a time i started to feel that something wasnt right i felt that things happened after Park Lane was closed,
that nightclub people together with the police hold me and told me that i had something to do with a man dissapearing in Gothenburg.
They told me to confess that, that i had done other things also.
They also tricked me to believe i had diseases.
I have memories that they took me there nights it was closed also.
At that time i also DJ in a small town outside Gothenburg with some other Djs from Gothenburg after some nights i woke up
and felt that things had happened on the way home,
I saw alot of flashing lights, i drank so much vodka redbull so i had trouble remembering did i dream it or did it happened.
And thats what they wanted, me to loose it.

After new years i resigned from Park Lane and i also quit my job at a grocery store i really felt that something wasnt right.
And that people was after me.
One day i came home after been sleeping at my parents ( sadly i went to them when i started to feeling bad, which i regret alot )
things had moved in the apartment i took my passport and phone and went to the store to buy Pepsi when i was in the register i was robbed
someone took my phone and passport from my pockets.
When i came home to my apartment the passport and phone laid on my bed.
I started to feel very confused.
I told my parents what happened but they didnt believe me so the day after they took me to a doctor he didnt believe me
either he thought i thought it was ghost or demons or something, but no it really happpened.
I ended up at a hospital for a month and there some strange things happened also.
I know i was at a hospital but people walked against me like zoombies and other things happened.

The summer 2013 i started to DJ at a swedish summer destination, Marstrand.
One night for some reason i choosed to DJ in slippers and then suddenly i started to bleed in my foot,
I didnt blame no-one but i thought it then and now i know that someone cut me in my foot.
Thats what they did at Park Lane they tried to trick me to believe i had diseases, so with all the blood i lost it.

When i came home from Marstrand i felt bad so i just laid in my sofa, after a while it started to come alot of strange noices from the
apartment under it sounded like it was a massacre in the house, they wanted me to loose it.

For years i felt bad i gained weight and felt bad i thought i was never to get any answers.
And i knew it wasnt my fault that had gained weight.
I started to DJ again 2014 i Dj at the biggest clubs but i wasnt there 100 % i was overweight so i didnt chase any girls
or have that much fun as i used to have.

The fall 2017 after a crazy summer i did a 2 month juice diet, i only drank juice and water for 2 month, i lost 35 kg and felt great.

It was alot of feelings that got realesed in my body i was just so happy at first i wrote happy things on Fb just about me wanting to drink
and party but after that some nightclub guards messed with me so i started to write more angry things.

Suddenly people started to care about me, but it was people that didnt want me any good they where scared that i
would start to remember things with me feeling good.

I know ive had nightclubguards that have been watching me since i was 20 and started go to clubs.
They are not good people.

So i ended up at a hospital again.

When i came to the hospital something happened i started to search on WTC WW2 Diana and other things, i also started to watch powerful
music videos on youtube i really felt that something big was behind me beeing at the hospital and that there where something about me
that i didnt know.

One day i think it was early January 2018 i started to write in the search field on Google,
I started to write about terror attacks it felt like i talked to someone, cant remember what i wrote but i know i wrote
“they leave cluese on the internet” then i started to think about the Mexican Asian for example Morgan Freemans that sometimes get uploaded
on facebook, and the latest one uploaded was Asian Morgan Freeman just weeks before the Olympics in Seoul 2018.
So i started to write “stop the Olympics”
Cant remember what i searched for but i know i didnt write asian morgan freeman the search word was something other and
the latest upload was asian Morgan Freeman.

Think i felt that they had something in my computer so they could see what i wrote.

With just some days left at my month there they told me they wanted me to stay some extra days to make sure i took my medicine.
I got so mad so when i was allowed to go home for some hours i took my personal belongings and some clothes from my apartment
and took a cab to Oslo.
It is that trip i write about in the Paradise Island text.

One day i watched the Madonne – Ray of light video and i thought that there is something out there.

I started to write.
I started with Elvis is alive and that he lives on a secret island with Bob Geldof ( Usa For Africa )
I wrote that there is alot of “dead” celebrities there Paul Walker Whitney Houston.
I wrote that Vin Disel is involved that he handles the recruitment.
I started to think about who would “die” next i thought about Justin Bieber but then i landed on Avicii.
So i searched for Vin Diesel Avicii and found an article i think it was “Avicii buys house next to vin Diesel” or the other way around.
That was 2 month before Avicii “died”.

After a month they found me and i had to stay 2 more month at hospital, a hospital apparently works as a prison you have to stay longer if
you escape.

The summer 2018 i had some trouble with my income with me beeing 50% on sick leave.

So i started to feel bad so i gained all my meight.

It was a great summer in Sweden the weather was great and it was the word cup in soccer, but i worked and went home and laid in my bed.

That is really good to put someone in hospital so he gets broken down and gains 30 kg.
But that was what they wanted.

When i was at the hospital i also came up with the club concept i e-mailed it to some people, many laughed at me and didnt answer
but at the end of summer one of them told me
that he thought it was good so i got so happy so i created the website.

In the beggining 2019 i started my concept at a small club in Gothenburg i was happy i also started to search for more dj gigs so that i
could quit my dayjob.

I also started a little company for my DJ and events.
I wanted to become more serious.

But then suddenly Push the club i Dj at only gave me 3 gigs in 2 months i always played 5-6 times a month.
I had never played music that good and i had raised my head feeling great.
That the guards and others saw so they ruined it for me giving me less gigs

That happened and people really worked against me with my club.
I got broken down so i stayed home feeling bad then the sound from the apartment under came again
kids crying i know they wanted to get to me.

After 2 weeks i raised me up from my bed and then i left on a crazy journey.
Malaga Mallorca London Mallorca Prague.
I left late April and got home late July.

On that journey i really started to search for paradise island and other secrets.

I was drugged and thrown out of hotels, on Mallorca a man followed my every step.

Sadly i wrote alot of bad and stupid things but i was mad after beeing drugged, i would say it was 90% crap and 10% good stuff.
( now i would say its only that 10% left )

I wanted to have everything uploaded on the site if something was to happen with my laptop.

On that journey i started to realize that everything my dreams from 2012 wasnt dreams it did happened.
And that it was paradise island everything was about, they had been scared of me finding them and other secrets.

When i came home i ended up at hospital and they forced me to take medicine again.
I know medicin slows my brain down.
And thats what they want.

I really feel that no-one can help me i did e-mail some tv chanels last summer (2020 ) and asked if i could get an email to
someone who writes about movies but noone answered or helped me, i e-mailed this summer also ( 2021 ) and i have tried to contact people
before also.
Think my only chance is to go to a tv chanel or magazine myself and talk to them dont know if i can trust my mail,
but i feel that my story is to long i dont know where to start.
It must be something that gets there interest up so that i get to talk with a reporter.
Maybe its easier now when all the texts are updated.
I dont trust the police i know that they are involved.

Dont know if i trust anybody in Gothenburg i thought it was some people that was in my “team” but dont believe so anymore.
I have no friends.

I know there is people in Gothenburg that knows things about me that they not will tell me if i would to meet them.

People can say im crazy but im pretty sure that authorities knows about my site.
I know things on the site are true.

Dont saying that i have found dead celebs but i really believe you can find them with the help of cluese on the internet