adolf hitler

could it what they know will happened some is planned and some they just guess !

lead leader

people started to learn how to read ?
roads started building
leaders fn ? russia ? north korea ?

lord of the rings when was that
tolkien ?

red ? murder wars ? blood ? when did magazines come
i searced on wikipedia i think it was late 1800 ? librarys 1600 ?
but who searches on that on wikipedia ?
its not like that many who does ?
magazines came late 1800 ?
so then prob people could read in some countries ?
after the war you learned the rest ?
did they have magazines in usa ? yes ? because the read about there dead soldiers ?

circles circles
who gave them the info the magazines ?
did the american with satelitte phone call LA times and tell them where they was and how many had died?

no they dont because they now someone could read the american papers ?
they are not stupid but they fucking dont think people will trick them to europe asia

ofc reuters and und told the american newspappers what was going on
circles !!

rolf the rain dear when did like santa claus come

adolf hitler that name they must had come up with before the war was in 45-50 ?

and they planted read ? that meens people could read before the war but after the war they
started to learn people
how to read ?

read is ofc good but maybe people could have learned it before

it smells like the vatican again

after the war there was people from other countries living in other countries
learn how to read so you can talk to them ?

ofc people could read ? or who teached it ?

if swedish was smart ? they created many things ?

you didnt wanted people in england to read magazines because then maybe one person in england would wunder
why is there a war beetween france usa – germans ?
and we sit here on our island doing nothing ?
could it be so ?

maybe the germans neither read about the war ? bec maybe the someone would build an army go the rock and like
go crazy and searching for hitler ? if all the germans was in the rest of europe
then there couldnt be many left watching like the germans riksdag and kungahus or what.

and thats why the english arent that smart because they started learning how to read like 50s ?
it travels in genererations

its like no one from today like 50 that travels to germany and talk about the war with a 70 year old
and ask him how it was.


we dont need no education we dont need no thoughts control



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