michael schumacher

now then and what they are planning in the future probably !

someone has to take over !

cars formel 1 ? was is that formula 1 the receipe for fake gasoline ? yes the first thing created ?
oil was like 150 years ago then it got slut.

liam oasis

cuba libre ?
fidel castro ?

muse ? cleaner ? like my little secret hooker ? im up here ? you down there ? i own the world
dont now 5 times 18 ?

mars candy ? sugar ? training ? many wellnes accounts is many many millions ?

2 000 000 ?

350 ? snitt ?

50 times 2 000 000 = 100 000 000

300 times 2 000 000 = 600 000 000
700 000 000 a month

(venus) im your venus im your fire your desire = bananarama – venus
you are looking for something that is your fire ? but you dont know what ? because you are not

search ? dont search just go out and find it ? carpe diem ? yolo ?
carpe diem ? döda poeters sällskap ? they say in that movie ? its what ferris bueller is good at ?
its what peter pan does also ?
zack in saved by the bell
fresh prince
van the man

yolo ? started at msn messenger ? you didnt sit there and waited for someone to write ? when you heard a noize
a click you went to the computer to see who has written.
more relaxing and cant be hacked ? you can sit next to eachother and write to eachother ? that was
what we did in school ? talked to eachother on msn messenger.
but its must come from a movie 90s 2000s

you only live once
studio 54 ? about the 80s ? released early 2000 ? its about nightclubs disco ? but they sneak in drugs ?

Mail autogiro ! autobahn ? det går fort pengarna bara dras ? är det så jobbigt att få en räkning liksom 1-5?
från månaden innan ? det blir liksom smidigast lättast ?
flyttar man in 15 augusti ? så får man en räkning på 6 veckor ? början oktober ? eller 2 veckor början sept ?
sätta sig en timme 25-26 ?
man får ingen morgontidning längre ? ingen reklam ? räkningarna försvinner inte för fan !!
autogiro ändeså får man hem en lapp på hur mkt elräkningen var på ? känns onödigt.
Maila det är 2019 ?

ash avicii? aska ? tändare ? många tändare många miljoner ? philip morris ? clint eastwood smoked in movies that
was in the ages before cigarette was creatad.

real unicef ? charitys ? fotball ? uefa

humle tyskt märke ? = adidas ? handboll tror ja 90 talet

cam piratebay ? movies ? hospitals ? they film yes they do.

muscle power bars ? its a circle ? you get fatter ? think you get power ? so you practice more ? circles again

leach ? skvallerbytta ? gossip girl ?

chair ? ikea ? many chairs many millions ? or chair dela ? låna pengar av din kompis ist för banken/sms loans ?

ache ? aj aj aj my head hearts = alvedon ? many headaches ? many millions ?
take an apple/orange or booth ? different colour more nutricions ? and drink water ?

cum ? many bangbus accounts ? many millions ? many cockblocker ? many pornhub user ? english ?
hub that is what neo is looking at in the matrix ?
hub = napster
you need to open more hubs ? to get into more users and get the music he has and the music he connected to ?
maybe with sean parkes mp3 ? and all the djs mp3 you can start something ? or just keep spotify ? and when someone
is realising an album you realese it at spotify after 8 month so they buy the album first ?

mac = apple = macforum=iphones apple comps

mach = mach 3 ? many razor blades many millions ? and yes you can use one times razorblades more than once.

heal no medicin ? yoga ?



cher if you are strong enough and believe ? you will be the best

reach you can reach it ? if you beileve in love after love=)


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