Anagrams we have probabaly missed one in the 80s !

The Anagrams tells what will happen in the nearest future  !!

Adolf Hitler

lead leader

Read – People started to learn how to read ?
Seems strange but maybe the people in the UK couldnt read al of them so they wouldnt be smart,
they wanted people to be slow in there heads so they wouldnt see the corrupt world !!

Roads – started building, infrastructore first in Sweden.

Leaders – FN, Russia, North Korea

Lord – Lord of the rings when was that ?

Red – murder, wars, blood ?



opel – pulp fiction gangster drugs ”police”

pool – boogie nights porn drugs party water

neon – miami vice police agents nightclubs computers i see signs =)

loan – mafia insurances sms loans poker banks

nap – tom hanks the terminal, airports russian models, coins many coins many thousands

loap – it is monday whole week if you dont start doing something with your life

poo – forrest gump had a kid dippers toilet paper ? many roals of toilet paper is many money
he was in sixth sence the kid ? horror movies manipulates people
he was also in a series about a shop that repaired cars !!

noel – Oasis

leon – kings of leon wrote and probably sings in many of Oasis songs.

penn – thin red line wars drugs music murder blood school

Forever young should i stay young or should i live forever

live fast die young


be old read a book


Joachim Posener

rome – vatican where it al started watching people

car – rental loan a car in stockholm leave it at our comp in gothenburg

moose – many signs to germans many million. if germans come here to see them ? isnt it stupid that swedes kill them ?

pose – russian models victoria secret magazines with fashion maybe sex and the city

comp – apple microsoft

ache – alvedon ipren, more worries more headaches

soon – lets do it tommorow instead

see lences ? many lences many millions

mich – buchannon baywatch berlin feelgood people started to like gym ? celsius ? magazines about training

ear – many hats many millions

noose – Nasin for you cold

moon moon is lightning up the sky ? could it been the 90s they created ? lights that shined at night ?
so that people would be scared at night ?

choose – should i go out having fun chasing girls with maybe regrets tomorrow or stay home read aftonbladet
carpe diem.

horse – where betting started ? v65 Solvalla

hair – many dax wax many loreal many millions, people will start to care more about how they look

sence – ofc parfyme ? they came alot during the 90s chanel ck armani.

rich – people will start to chase money more

Many companies has uses what they did with trustor


Michael Schumacher

now then and what they are planning in the future probably !
someone has to take over !
cars formel 1 ? was is that formula 1 the receipe for fake gasoline ? yes the first thing created ?
oil was like 150 years ago then it got emptied

liam- oasis

lime – cuba libre fidel castro

muse – cleaner ? like my little secret hooker ? im up here you down there i own the world

mars – candy ? sugar ? training – many wellnes accounts is many many millions ?
2 000 000 members
350 a month
50 times 2 000 000 = 100 000 000
300 times 2 000 000 = 600 000 000
700 000 000 a month

ash – many lighters many millions, Philip Morris, clint eastwood smoked in movies that
was in the ages before cigarette was created.

real – unicef, charities fotball uefa

humle tyskt märke ? = adidas ? handboll tror ja 90 talet

cam – piratebay, movies, hospitals they film us yes they do.
They film people they want to have long so what they do in there rooms is part of the analyze of you.

muscle – power bars ? its a circle you get fatter think you get power
so you practice more ?
equals nothing has happened !!

leach ? skvallerbytta ? gossip girl ?

chair – IKEA many chairs many millions.
Or chair loan ? loan from your friend instead of the bank/sms loans ?

ache – alvedon ipren, many headaches many millions.
take an apple/orange or booth ? different colour more nutricions and drink water instead.

cum – many bangbus accounts ? many millions !!

hub that is what neo is looking at in the matrix ?

mac = apple = macforum=iphones apple comps

mach – mach 3 many razor blades many millions, you can use one times razorblades more than once.

heal – no medicin, yoga !!

rich – people chase money instead of living

cher – if you are strong enough and believe, you will be the best

reach – you can reach it
if you beileve in love after love=)

Im your venus im your fire your desire.
You are looking for something that is your fire ? but you dont know what ? because you are not searching.
Dont search just go out and find it




This is nothing but i dont want to delete it.

My idea thought was that Adolf Hitler would tell what will happen in the world 1940 – maybe 1970.

Napoleon would tell what would happen 1990 – , i had a strange theory that napoleon was created 1990 by national geographic or wikipedia so that people would by more books/magazinez strange theory.

But people have ofc read about Napoleon in school the whole 1900,

I just believed there was something with Napoleon.

Joachim Posener, trustor was 1997 but ofc it doesnt work he had probably been named Joachim Posener his whole life so it just doesnt work.

And that Michael Schumacher wasnt in a coma he is a leader of something and his anagram is what will happen

from around year 2000.

But he has ofc been named Michael Schumacher his whole life also,