playboy model dead i searced and 30 articles showed up 19 year olds killed there like fams
and some died themself
is this a real article or created by google
Anna nicole smith :
together with an 89 year old oil millioner
back to the oil again !!

that is to bad done i Think its like they wanted someone to find it !!

we are rich it looks like a eastside motel
could could it be that he wasnt that old ? have anyone one seen them together ?
he was Young ??
or or or why would she date a senior she could date anyone ??
nobody saw them together but there is Pictures ?
she was just fat because she didnt have so much fun anymore had partied meet famous people what could he do ?
date a businessman ?
but he wasnt that old ?
90 ?
he was born like 2010 ?
wars wars american dies and he is a millioner 2007
photo edit Pictures isnt hard !!
he was 90 on paper so he is prob dead ?
gives Money to relative ?
give further ?
or they just disapeared together ?
he wasnt 90 she got fat so she could stay home hidding ?

raquel welsh shawshank redemption
i like Think she was like an Icon 20 years Before they were in jail ?
no she was a sex symbol then and there ?
what is it like she must be like 80 now i saw just Pictures
different times in California and NY ?
they sleep thew dance or what ?
NY dont now that raquel welsh is alive and works for like tv in California ??…6.0..0.447.3337.9j5j1j2j2……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67j0.D-x1aUBQeNs#imgrc=iuIJpvCfDpR8TM:
i just have the feeling anna nicole smith is like in the Place where Casablanca was recorded
maybe some other can be there also ?
she had Monroe as idol !!
is like Warner LA ? Paramount Miramax NY ?
dont tell me that people in NY havnt seen entourage or californication ???!?!!?!??!?!?!
in NY there is only like criminal minds and CSI ?
no that cant be right !!


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