Spotify / Arlanda Robbery

Arlanda Robbery / Spotify He had debts to gangsters in stockholm ( russian ).He was in the music industry manager. “mr kartellen”They used him. It came an empty plane from London to Arlanda ( airport stockholm )It was taking Swedish Spotify money from Stockholm to London. But when the plane landed and the security car […]

Google but didnt need to google

Google but didnt need to google Harvard about 2004 it was a rainy cloudy day. Mark Zuckerberg was mad at women and did a funny prank, he hacked into every college usinga code took womens photos. And created a website there students could vote on the girls, give them ratings. The prank wasnt that liked […]


USA dont cross the fairway USA White house president his wife and hiss staff. The guvernment is about 200 ? and ofc more from the parti that leads.If the republicans are in the white house, they have the most people in the guvernment. Guvernment/state employee: people who works schools hospital banks IRS firemen CIA FBI […]

Politics in general

Sweden / politics “Your taxes is paid with the companys winning, momsen” A pepsi costs 10 kr to buy for the grocery stores, they can raise it with 33 %.To 15 kr. That they like hide on the recipe it will say 15 kr and like in the small print, 10 kr 5 kr moms. […]

Spotify / Apple

Apple Spotify Warner Sony music. Daneil Ek came up with an idea, spotify. He had heard hacked from apple that they where releasing an smartphone. This was about 2008. They met in Dubai, there they saw MJ and thought maybe we can use him release something with himso spotify would get a big bang start. […]

Doctor Jones

Doctor Jones Do people know it is Beyonce Knowles – Jay z girlfriend that was in Destinys Child.I wrote Phil Collins Lionel Richie Diana Ross ( pointer sisters ? ) but ofc many others also is aliveBruce Springsteen Tina Turner probably many rock bands also.Or is it only in Sweden Iron Maiden have been performing […]


Netflix !! Budweiser created about 1880 in tjeckien. Bought up by americans, some % The tjeck owner was rich and ofc didnt knew how big it was in the USA, “He took the company down with him in his grave” The others had lost focus on USA long time ago and “lost there %” Budweiser […]

Norway / Sweden / Russia

Norway Cant really say when it started prob mid 1990s. They rasied the rents clothes food everything companies make more money people earn more money.The first months was the hardest ofc before they had gotten there salury raised. Norway made more money also – More salury more taxes “circles” Taxes: Brutto/netto the money is you […]

Frank Abagnale JR

Inception / Catch me if you can !! 1970s Frank Abagnale Jr came to snow fortress hospital island outside the UK. Frank Abagnale JR is Leonardo Di caprios father the part Leo plays in Catch me if you can and Inception. Frank came to the island first he was there because he was smart and […]


The war between tjeckien and slovakien about 1990 !! Tjeckien was in control ? They shoot at slovakien ? They tjeck people retreated behind the river ? They build ? all the rails west of the river ? Västtrafik ( gothenburg ) ( trams ) with help from the iron company in gothenburg ? All […]