“Avicii buys house next to Vin Diesel” we found that article and wrote it down in early 2018 when we started searchin for
paradise island.

“Aviciis superlyxiga nya villa i LA – bilder! | Leva & bo | Expressen …granne med vin diesel garanterat
hur börjar han liksom berättar han på efterfest eller hur går det till
alla måste ju säga ja känns det som”


Avicii new super luxurious house in LA…. neighbour to Vin Diesel how does he start convincing them to go to his secret
islands does he start buy talking to them when they are drunk at afterparties every one would say yes ?

Ofc they had seen his documentary and knew that he was tired of it al.
They saw an oppurtunity to get him to paradise island.

We found that article when we started searching we wrote it down that something could happen
to him or something like that or we didnt write it but it was understood between the lines.

Could it been the other way around.

Vin Diesel bought a house next to Avicii.

Or the house next to Vin Disel just suddenly got out on the market so Avicii could buy it.

Could we have saved him,

he hide

or they got to him ?

He is somewhere playing producing for other artists ?

Could he be the one producing Dubvisions music, it sounds like him ?

Or the weeknds ?

Aviciis latest album stories was released on the label Lava.

Avicii last video was recorded in Austin texas, Without you.

Without you avicii recorded on Lava records an under label to Universal records.

Universal Records has office in San Antonio texas.

Maybe they have an Hotel room in there name in Texas where you can find Avicii.

There prob is beaches in Austin texas like the one you saw in the Avicii documentary where Avicii could enjoying himself,
A beach near an lake.

Maybe he has a house there, maybe to many would recognize him at an hotel.

Oman where he died is a muslim country. There is over 41 mosques in Texas and over 60,000 muslim/islam people living in texas.

Apple and fast and the furioous had an TV deal, Vin Diesel lived next door to Avicii.

Apple office 5th street is really close to where Boiler Room was recorded at the Roosevelt hotel at the 45 th street.
Only a few blocks away.

As we wrote on instagram we Think apple and Warner has meetings in Austin, Texas.

Probably Avicii is in Texas somewhere !!


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