Lost in translation !!

BIll murray a stiff older actor that drinks whiskey in the beginning and then he gets more and more loose of the chinese comedian fun shows hostes and she made hin happy also.

the chinese was the firt like with hidden camera ? they do sick things but the most sick is prob rigged:

She meets Scarlett in  bar she was ofc sitting there and waiting for him.

She is good at what she does role playing.

She was younger he was older

they tought eachother.


she has dated comedians

gangsters like russian bond villains and local gangsters that Thinks they can play biljard.

actors Young and old


is she working in southampton teaching russian models how to manipulate bussinessman how to get into there Lifes ?

I Think she has watched gossip girl and the oc


and dont have your Picture i have your sex scenes on Youtube =)

game set won =)

game over ?


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