Bob Marley – Iron Lion Zion

“Zion is the the last city the only place we have left”

From the Matrix.

Could some people been in St Ann Jamaica where Bob Marley was born, maybe the smart ones like Steve Jobs ?!?
we have written that before.

Could Bob Marley been the second famous person after Elvis Presley that they took away ??

He died 1981 in Miami, Floria at a hospital.

Could he be in Kathmandu Nepal ?

Zion Word Churches

They have churches offices all over the world

Its a Christian Church they are 62 % christians on Jamaica.

The founder is a teacher preacher in UCSS is located in Eagle River,
Alaska of which Zion Word Church is a college branch available for those doing independent
Biblical studies.

Its in Alaska we think brittish airways and maybe some other airlines have an big office somewhere.
Maybe its not cold at the top of Alaska.

Maybe its there in Eagle river where they have a post office ?

They have locked themself out from the world where they are ?

Could he be in that church in Kathamndu its there we think another last escape destination is.

Leonardo Di Caprio talks about the melting ices in Greenland, if they are melting then the ice in Mount Everest should melt also.

But we dont think the ices are melting !!!


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