i cant write read Cook tie my shoes but i own the World lalal im in heaven


they read about star wars in school wtf

they dont want anybody to no anything but destroy so they dont read about wars but the rest of the World is ?

they read about star wars ?


i machine comes in pang pang a sword come up with a lazer he runs there he runs there

its not like beatiful princess Leah ? its like a fat princess from like the Cave in lion king


have London people been at the London Theatre or its like

im in heaven im a guard or an asswhole from Bangkok !!

lalal im own the World but no nothing !!

who is like taking over the parlament ? they must die sometime ?

its liked fixed years ago they tach like a few to read so they dont look stupid when there is meeting beetwen lika lofven and a french guy ?!??!?

or lofven only meet English people and germans ?

fench meet them

i dont know


John Malkovich is playing at the London Theatre this summer he must be like a good in London !



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