iron lion i Sion

t shirt with prints 15 euro could be  a very very very big business

in every Town in UK and in charter destinations in the rest of europe

Could sin clothes be like there backup Money when all there google apple Warner Money dissapears

u bought a the joker t shirt yesterday with the brand sion

but when i got home or this moring or that is the same thing

it was a fruiut of the loop t shirt a English brand with bad uality but that wont the English know its like plastic

instead of cotton


you could download an app ? prob COSTs Money ?

with the app ypu could film ? and the t shirt started laughing ?

is there like a person sitting there and Waits for an English to film ? and like push play on his computer ?

or the app just feels that the app is filming and the t shirt started laughing ?

but it was the joker that started laughing so it must be just that t shirt that can make tjhe joker laught with the app ?

the cant feel if you film the joker ? or Another sion t shirt ?

or there cant be Malkovich on one sweater he starts laughing it must be just that t shirt ?

and you need to some ? so just the t shirts shows ?

they have a big warehouse at Mallorca and a guy travels around and show the t shirts !

what happens if you film Another shirt will the joker laugh then also ?


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