I removed this can there be any thruth here my theory is that brittish airways are the worst criminals and there hidding in Alaska.

I searched last week LA to sydney and they flew the shortest

World war 11
What happens if you fly from California to the west ?

Shouldnt you come to Australia or China then ?

If you fly from Russia up north ? shouldnt you come to Asia ?

From Lappland Sweden up north you should come to Africa ?


Is that how planes fly from California to china ? dont think so !!

They want people to spend more Money.

And it is much cheaper to buy tickets without using bookings putting the trip together yourself.

It must be Brittish Airways that has those answers

Brittish airways was created from money from the world war 2 !

Using the neclaces from dead French and American soldiers neclaces they had around there neck
with there birth dates on.

Could there been soldiers that only purpose was to re-collect those neclaces as you see they
do in Saving Private Ryan.

But they didnt do it for the Americans they did it for the corrupt people ?

They build airports and airlines like the Brittish Airways with the money.

They went in to banks in France and America dressed as people from the French American army,
and got there money out.

English army watched the streets in Germany so they germans didnt started to wonder what was happening

and German watchted the streets in London so they couldnt ask any questions, they couldnt understand eachother.

When they didnt Watch the streets they cut threes for furniture and IKEA the same as the Swedish soldiers did in Sweden

V for Vendetta.

Could he be Banksy ?

It someone else every like 30 years ? could we have found him in the Lords of dogtown Movie ?

,Was the american tricked to europe to defend the French from the Germans, by
Mercedes ? Mercedes cars started selling in America in 1952.

Could there be some info at the Mercedes museum in Munich ?

Maybe in the cars at the museum, in the back trunks.

Ofc there where corrupt American in the army back then with connection to the Vatican.

The French where forced back to Paris and it was there the americans where going.

They didnt have the manpower as the Germans, the French people like to have fun, so the Germans
had a much bigger army they had also planned this for years.

They dont say Paris one time in Saving Private Ryan maybe that is a clue.
And they dont meet any French soldiers they had al went back to defend Paris.

Was the French also scared of the Italians, Italians and the Japanese was Germanys
friends in world war 2.

Maybe the italians had gone thru Switzerland.

It was Englishmen Germans Swedish and people from Switzerland that planed world war 2

Taking out money from dead soldiers at Zurich/Swiss international bank.

( Was there a Zurich/Swiss international bank where they build the twin towers ?
Did they get an area where there used to be a bank ? )

The war wasnt about killing judes it was about getting money to build airfields, if they read
about dead judes they only thought it was some other judes in another city.

So auschwitz was created to find sick people going to an place where hundred of thousands
had been killed.

Hitler was also created he was just an actor.

”People dont look what happens on the other side of the hedge”


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