Instead of building  studio in NY and take 15 euros and let them Watch a green screen.

Why not rent a castle in norway ?

The drink beer in like cups from vikings

eat with there hands ? potaoes and meat ?

like emilia Clarke 4 can stand there in make up ?

like show  like the pirates of the carribean porno on the screens ?

yes mysterios

like build like r2d2 he can just goes around in the castle ?

have like luke im am not your father because im a comp geek i dont know how to speak with women

but i Think and Think again

do comp star wars geek fuck eachother ?

no they boys masturbate to the girl in like a cartoon version of princess Leah ?

if i was a comp nerd i would have masturbated to the girl in big bang theory and maybe i will.

and they Girls masturbate to the nerds in big bang theory !

its snow in norway yes it is

they can like go in the lord of the rings like a horse and vagn from the like the harbour to the castle

or a yellow cab ?

travel to Norway plane ? 1500 dollar ?

sleep at the castle ? 3 nights ? 7000 ?

they can by like gold coins ?

15 dollars for 10 dolllars ?

food like 25 dollars ?

beer 8 dollars ?

they can have a guy screaming victory every time someone manage to check into the castle =) !!

tantrum ? 12 dollars ?

a cover band singing 500 miles ? 30 dollars entrance when they are singing.

say 2400 dollar like middle price

say 360 Days ?

/ 3 night

120 !!

24800 ? one person can stay and spend that ?

like 50 people at one time ? depends on how big the castle is

248 000

1 000 000

ca 990 000

Rent skies ?

Like horses ?

teach them how to fight with swords ?

Watch best of emilia Clarkes sex scenes ?

20 eorus ? on big screen in there rooms?

they will not Think they can Watch it on there comp ?

Think furhter sell hdml Cable for 50 ? so they can Watch with there comp ?

Have version 3 the cute brunet that meet fallon be in the sextape on your screens ?

extra 500 for renting stuff during the Days ?

times 120 ?

6000 ?

50 ?

30 000 ?

have a guy from star trek next voyage show a script from 89 ?

i sat behind a machine whole day saying

Whe are beeing attacked

lets go to next galaxy

thats it for now ?

or sell plastic figures ?

15 dollar each ?

3 for 40 ?

40 times 120 ?

480 `?

50 ?

2400 ?

maybe we see eachother in an other galaxy

take me to the Clouds above =)



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