Whats up 2

I finished reading Joe Biden promise me dad. Very inspiring book. He talks about that you should live a life with a purpose, motiv. We cant al work in politics and change the world, but we al can do something. We can be role models to our children its important. I believe everyone can donate […]

Whats up !!

Here is a short briefing about my life and things ive written on the page. My theory that murders and things is created in newspapper so that people would read and feel bad isnt true, but i really wanted what i wrote in the paradise island text to be true the matrix qoute “it is […]

Summerizing Part 3 !

Summerizing part 3 I have gone thru the page on last time and i couldnt find anything good i believe. I can regret that i didnt wrote everything on english but i didnt know then or dont know now who my followers are or how many they are. But i write on the instagram and […]

Some thoughts !!

Johnny Depp He is born 1963 thought 1955 first that would have worked better He is George Young ( blow ) about 1983 – California drugs blow. maybe it says the late 70s in the movie that could been wrong its the early 80s He gets caught and ends up in ” prison ” in […]

summerizing part 2

I have gone thru the page again and here is the best that i didnt write last time. I find last summer that many terror attacks where very close to big premieres like Batman and Bond. Bond Spectre had premiere 30th October 2015, the Paris shooting was 13 and 14th November 2015. London boombing was […]

Prison Break and terror attacks !!

I have just finished Prison Break, season 1-2 for the 3 time season 3-4 for the second time and season 5 for the first time. What i wrote. ” Prison Break season 1-2 is insane season 3 ok and 4 very bad they are only chasing scylla back and forward. Your really dont get any […]

summarizing !

I have gone thru the website and here comes the best of the things i havnt written on the Instagram ! I have written alot of strange things haha but somedays i was really mad and didnt Think clear ! I reallly was drugged i sometimes left an pub walked for a few minutes then […]

Some lists !!

Best party songs ! 1 Jean roch ft big ali – can you feel it 2 Kate Ryan – Ella Ella 3 gigi d Augostino – lamour toujours 4 avicii – without you 5 dmx – party up ( Maybe i missed this song on my movie list ) 6 Martin Garrix – High on […]

My life and Some thoughts !!

To explain more about my life after they tricked with my Head and getting me confused that was the fall 2012 and beggining 2013. after that i was robbed and things have moved in my apartment. i told my family that but they didnt believe me  so they send me to an doctor, he didnt […]

Some thoughts !!

I have started Walking in my home thats why my brain is working again haha. I do recommend people that dont like going to the gym or have the time, to train at home walk and buy dumbbells. I Believe the personal trainers teaches completly wrong, old people that wants to loose wieghts they put […]