det är nog rätt dåligt med beteckning på vishan i säg värmland

norrland etc etc

men dom har banker ?

med cash ?

folk på vishan gillar ej kort ?

dom ligger lite efter

dom blir rånade ?

polisen kommer ?

men det tar tid ?

stationen långt borta ?

ingen försöker lösa?

han som letar är han som gjorde det ?

så ingen annan letar ?

det står liksom inte i aftonbladet att en bank rånats i värmland


som jag kom på med Bourne oceans eleven


en polis en tjuv

matt damon rounders Went to Las vegas linus

( i searched on that like in mars they had changed linus name in rounder to something else )

played cards

was in oceans eleven helping doing the crime

maybe ha played cards in the casino

people looked at him

forget about the safe

his brother agent bourne

they where in on the oceans eleven robbery ?

jason Bourne planned it ?

linus was in it in the movie

he tricked Bourne wanted his Money ? took his passport ! lookes familiar !!

he ended in the ocean

linus the hustler took the agents Place in las vegas

trying to solve his own crime

so no one else would look

there i was wrong it was no brain switch that dont exists.

he just shoot Bourne but he survived ?

woke up in the ocean ?

then he runs around looking for answers


he had forgotten that he was a agent and a bank casino robber !

but linus the poker player thief changed his name

to to to to

stuck on you – Walt tenor

he had to go UC

Jason Bourne was a famouse agent by criminals !


ive had some theorys that they play themself in the movies

the hijacker in captain philips is a hijacker

“thank you”

maybe johnny depp is mr Young ?

and Went uc in NY taking the drugs away there ?

he was gone in blow for a while then ha was in NY then he got back

and got “caught”

so his drugs in LA would go better ?

maybe maybe they could work together instead

you have one person from cali in NY sells to cali Tourists in NY?

NY gets like 70% there drugs

and the cali gets 30% ?

and vice versa

who cares about much Money they have over there ?

do they have like meeetings and Count like

the super 8 ?

Donnie brasco

he could talk to people

he looks younger in Donnie brasco than in blow

its just to trick

maybe nich Cage is a firefighter in LA

he is mr lord of war


actors is people that are good woth words

if you can talk in the Movies

you can prop talk in real Life also

they dont want to sit in a mansion in LA and doingt nothing

and wait for next movie

and matt damon got the part in good will hunting beacuae he solved hat algebra thing

what could it be dont know im a doctor

he created charities ?

dont know the rest if it was for good or bad

black or white

it was bad did he knew ?

dont know

he was in entoruage ?

wanted Adrian grenner to donate ?

and other nfl players also wanted him to donate ?

i camed to dance dance

the guards pied there pants pants







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