Trump has found evidence that the virus was created at a lab in Wuhan, doctors where seen running with secret documents.

My theory is that the virus where created by doctors high up on the biggest hosptitals..

At the end of last year the apple share was at a peak high they sold the share they knew that it was going to drop,

Maybe Now they have bought new ones they know it will raise again,

Maybe they know that apple are releasing something huge this fall.

The hospital becomes heroes with the staff working so hard and riscing there Lifes.

Maybe there pharmaceutical share has goone up high very much with people bying hand disinfection and other things from the pharmacys.

People will loose there jobs = anxiety = more medicin.

Could people that have had there apple share for so long sell without apple noticing ?

Around maximum 100 people know about this.

the rich become richer the poor becomes poorer.

This is my theory maybe i found there bank in the wolf of wall street Movie.



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