Doctor Jones

Do people know it is Beyonce Knowles – Jay z girlfriend that was in Destinys Child.
I wrote Phil Collins Lionel Richie Diana Ross ( pointer sisters ? ) but ofc many others also is alive
Bruce Springsteen Tina Turner probably many rock bands also.
Or is it only in Sweden Iron Maiden have been performing and other countrys in Europe ?
In USA they think iron maiden AC/DC is dead ?

What i see in front of me is RNB artists performing at restaurants they sing 90s soft rnb soul sings
people eat listen and watch sometimes.

I think its the house DJS that have ruin it for many artists, an artists dont take 100 000 dollars for performing,
Maybe maybe on a big arena.

You can book an artists book them for 5 months 4 giggs a week and pay them less per gigg than they normally take.
Its like safe money for them, an insurance that money will come in.

Did the hospital in the UK ( united kingdom, Ireland england wales scottland ) put to much focus on people
playing computer video games they didnt think about the music, and thats how all the bands from the UK came thru.

Spice Girls, S club 7, take that ( Robin Williams ), Westlife, All saints and more.

“everything started with a backstreet boy” it was when they got there break thru they noticed that ?
Britney Spears came late 90s but that was in USA Justin Timberlake also.

Tbe hosppital people also have the medical share in USA but it was English Swedish that started it.

They came up with that late 90s and stopped them from getting giggs and maybe paid of the songwritters not to
write any more music.

That 90s music made people happy – less medicin and thats what the hosptal noticed late 90s.

2000s was Pink Lady gaga that was more sitting home.
And in USA ofc “college music” American Pie. Blink 182, Green day.
Maybe drugs ? people got slow ? college parties.

Justin Timberlake Snoop dogg Usher they played at clubs.
Those people often had more money ? the people that party at nightclubs.

IT was them that got forced to take medicin against there will, that the hospitals had found.
The people the hosptils have found is ofc not as many.

Its like 75% that likes the party music ( 80s 90s music and music they play on the radio, commercial music )
And that music made people happy in the 90s.
If a DJ would to play those songs today people would become happy happy.

And thats why they want non of those music. Not the best party songs or the best house songs.
The regular DJ play noon of that music, the Djs. At least in Sweden.

Some have been caught with drugs and didnt get any punishmen and works for the police/hospitals.

Nightclub people like Avicii, Fisher, Axwell. Festival music, and they like cool rnb music the music they took
to Dubai.

Justin Bieber want with his Marshmello act get people away from video games and go to his concerts ?
Maybe he has secret concerts that computer nerds:P know about they talk about on different forums ?
HIdden from the hospitals.

Im promiting people to look up to Artist instead of influencers.

You must dream of it, its room for you too.
Its just forces everyone to work harder.

You dont have to make millions of dollars a year to be succesful in music.

You dont have to give if you dont reach there status.

If you can make money to buy an house apartment car. and you have money to go to restaurants and maybe travel
you have succeded.

Should young artists start with trying to get giggs at bars/restaurants.
Summer tours ?

You might wunder who the companys are who have there names on sport teams jerseys.
Those companys often promote themself to others companys/rich people that buy many many of them.
It can be computers/telefons.

Do all the money in the world like stay still, the rich companys get rich from people bying there things, paying for
there services.
But like the money stay still ? you cant just print new money because people are dying in Africa.

Ofc there is many rich rich people that not work with the company any more but they own it and its there sons grandsons
tbat work.

Its when he on top use his “rusty” money the world becomes richer ?
New money comes in the system ?

And other companys / people get richer ?
They can start other things ?

People get jobs feels better less medicin.

And thats why they ofc are scared of rich people also, they can create new things with the money they earn.
And create companys – more jobs – people get happy – less medicin.

People might wunder where the money comes from when you withdraw sell your Share/stock ??

The medical share what i know in Sweden is Astra Zeneca.

They sell to the hospital crap medicin cheap cheap to the hosptital and they raise the prizes at the pharmacys ?

The hospital couldnt create the medicin then it would be to obvious.

And if you want to withdraw sell your share you might wunder where the money comes from it comes from astra zeneca
its just wall street that like handles it. you buy from them.

In Sweden the medicin is free after 300 dollars.
If you use more money the guvernment pays with the taxes money.
BUt that is just to trick for us to believe they are the good guys.

The money the guvernemt pays astra zeneca is also included in the raise of the astra zeneca share.
“we make more money on the share than on the taxes”

THe share is there personal money every one have there ones, the taxes is a big pot that they share ? the politicians.

The people on wall street have earned there place they are the smartest from all over USA.
They played golf and didnt read the english star wars books.

And thats what i wanted to say.
I think not only rich people but every people should try to get there chldren an job when they are young.
Maybe Mcdonalds.
And i think companys should hire people that deserves there places.
Even there children have to earn there place.

Brookers get paid to find shares to other people and they ofc buy the shares themself and thats how they are very very rich.

Brookers work on the street wall street.
And there also is an building wall street (stockmarket) those people handles the money/ shares the brookers want to buy.

More on Shares another day.

Do people know that there is time difference in the world. Sydney Australia can be morning and a city in USA can be same day
but late night ?

Australia is behind in time.

And maybe thats why they dont answer.

And do people know you have to put in the country “code” before you enter the phones nr. Sweden is +46.


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