Mark Wahlberg have been seen on facebook and the internet with his morning routine.

Leonardo Di Caprio has been seen with his worries about the ices around greenland.

Could they also meen the ices around Mount Everest, Nepal.

You just thinkthey mean the polar ice.

But the ice´s isnt melting.

Kathmandu is the biggest city nearest mount everest.

We have been chasing people before in the Himalayas.

Tv 4 reporter Porseryd had a movie on from a village in africa

“if someone wants to visit a child that they have saved there is a builded little village where everyone goes to”

But that movie we seemed to be in the Himalayas its was to rocky.

The world famous gym is venice gym in california.

The Beach

Leonardo di caprio


Mark Wahlberg

Could they be in the biggest spa resort in kathmandu probably near the bagmati river or Sunkoshi river.

Probably there is a beach there and an outdoor gym.

Sukute Beach Resort next to the Dolalghat-bridge next to the Sunkoshi river !!

They have places they go to retreat and Leonardo Di Caprio has shown his face alot on the internet recently.

apple has an app called longitud latitud

the algebra rhythm in Good Will hunting

i think they find out where they are with that app then they swish there friends saying there

longitud latitud with the message you can write when you swish

they have a few hiding places they go to on every retreating place

like spa hotels


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