Inception / Catch me if you can !!

1970s Frank Abagnale Jr came to snow fortress hospital island outside the UK.

Frank Abagnale JR is Leonardo Di caprios father the part Leo plays in Catch me if you can and Inception.

Frank came to the island first he was there because he was smart and could take down the system,

The hospital got him there with help from his father.

He came to the island first they gave him an Murder/dissapearing case.

A fake one.

He left the island and others smart who also could take down the system got there,

They where looked in.

Then Frank came back and played the part of an police who was there to solve the murder/dissapearning

He didnt want to be at that island but he helped the hospital

Frank and the others where drugged on heavy medicin to slow down there medicin

They wanted to see what would happen with there brains and if they could solve the case

It was there medicin fake medicin against menthal health dissease started.

They got leads cluese from Frank asking them questions.

The one that solved it would probably never leave the island or have the hospitals watching his/hers every step.

Frank got there after High School.

He tricked the hospitl “they tried to outsmart him but he outsmarted them”

He maybe put pills under the tongue.

It doesnt matter if the case was solved, but it was a fake case,

Cant say if they told leo but probably why would he pretend to be a police ?

He was just a normal person.

They foudn him in high school doing “cool” things.

He got free from the hospitals and probably late 70s early 80s he started with the scams illegal things he does in Catch me if you can.

That movie start with him in High School early 70sl and is situated mostly in the 80s.

He buys his father a car ( the part Christoofer Walken plays ) with money he has made illegal fake bank checks.

His father Frank Abagnale sells the car and pay the FBI ( the part Tom Hanks plays )

For him to get caught

And it ends with Frank Abagnale JR ( Leonardo di caprios part ) getting caught in France.

And he has since then late 80s maybe early 90s been working for the FBI solving scams crimes,.

He is born about 1950 and should be around 70 now.

He is Leonardo Di caprios father the part Leo plays in those 2 movies.

And Frank Abagnale JR is one of the brains behind World Trade Center and How i meet your mother.

And it was a teacher principal that found him already in School.

And its probably Swedes and english people behind that hospital but they found Frank in USA.

“dont forget to read the credits”

“dont leave before the movies is over”


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