I really believe that people stay home to much. Everyone dreams of having a bar that is like there living room, but people stay home watching netflix instead. And i believe the people behind 9/11 created HIMYM and that they have left cluese on how to live your life..

I believe Scarlett was waiting for Bill Murray in the bar in Lost in Translation and that is a hidden message for secretarys in New York that have a secret club, they steal money trips and watches from men. That secretary there talk to that secretary there and tells where people from there company will drinking/eating that night.

There is powerful people that dont want us any good. Can American Psycho been made so that people will clean there home and throw away personal things, Its very sterile surroundings in the movie.

I believe people from Paradise City have created Prison Break and that they have left many things in the series. - That Usama Bin Ladin can be alive - Where princess Diana can be - That they maybe have solar energy on Greenland

Who havent dreamt of being Van the Man

Did he fly one of the planes ?! He plays Frank Abagnale Jr in Catch me if you can, and he is one of them that i believe is behind the attacks. Leo also plays a pilot in The Aviator.

Is 1408 the number of the Secret bank box where you can find the proof about banks in USA and Europe gave out money from the dead soldiers in WW2 and Vietnam war to the powerful people behind paradise city.

Can Jason Bourne and Linus Caldwell from the Oceans movie be twins ? Had a theory that Matt Damon have something to do with the corrupt charity org. Can remember he plays himself in Entourage and that he want Vincent Chase to donate money !!

Can there be a connection with Shooter and the JFK shooting ! Did Mark Wahlberg fly one of the planes ?! He is the last survivor in the Movie The Departed, the movie is situated in Boston where 2 of the planes came from.

100 % sure that he is alive and that i found cluese on the internet weeks before he "died"- Is he to be found in Texas that i wrote or on Greenland.

Sarah Michelle Geller ! Dont believe she is that nice girl she pretends to be on instagram. She is involved one way or another !

100 & sure that Paul Walker is alive. Did they leave a clue in the See you again song " all the planes that we flew " Can Paul Walker and Vin Diesel be smuggling drugs ? Is Vin Disel one of the more powerful people in Paradise City ?

Can Whitney be found In Taj Mahal in Agra !

There must be something in Saving Private Ryan. Giovanni Ribisi is in the movie together with Vin Diesel Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. Ribisi´s family is from italy and i believe it was Italians that collected all the necklaces from the dead soldiers. We like to believe that Ribisi is smarter than we know and that he has something to do with the secret avatar country i also believe that they put Matt Damon in movies that has something to do with all the secrets.

William Petersen famous from CSI. I believe his brother is in HIMYM and he is one of the people behind HIMYM and 9/11. He is in an old movie The Skulls, about a secret club at a college. The say that it was that club that created CIA. I believe that club exists and he plays in important role there, and he is the connection to CIA. Believing people from CIA was behind 9/11.

Is the book to be found in Oxford Hall an old library in Ontario, Canada.

I believe The Shawshank Redemption is the most cult movie based on a book by Stephen King. Can i have found the secrets ? Can Morgan Freeman be and hate but love object for the Paradise City people ?

I need this poster. Can she have any secrets Raquel Welch ?

One of my favourite movies !

I know they have found him. They created Paradise City long time ago long before all exclusive citys like Dubai and prob Las Vegas with big casinos excisted.