Google but didnt need to google

Harvard about 2004 it was a rainy cloudy day.

Mark Zuckerberg was mad at women and did a funny prank, he hacked into every college using
a code took womens photos.

And created a website there students could vote on the girls, give them ratings.

The prank wasnt that liked by the women and the principal so he get a warning from the principal.

2 students at harvard liked what he had done, they where athletes in the canoe team.

In the movies it is that they wanted him to create a website ( facebook ) where you could add students from
your college and others and write messages to them.

“Facebook couldnt been build without Mark Zuckerberg”

They need him because he was the best programmer and they needed that code he had used on the “prank”

Mark Zuckerberg spoke in the press after the social network was released that the movie lies.

I believe he had already started with that idea of a community before they contacted them.

He avoids them for a while and starts with the idea without them,
they got mad and contacted the principal.

It probably was like small trial back n forward they wanted him to work for them because he was the smartest.
But when he didnt want that.
They started to go after him, but they didnt want to stop him.

Sean Parker ( Napster ) found facebook when it was released in USA about 2006 and he helps Mark Zuckerberg and
his team with exploating facebook.

They moved to LA and started there in an house/apartment.

I believe the story in the movie ends 2009 ?
But the last thing u see is that the two from the canoe team wins a trial and it is said in the
after text that they got alot of money.
That was 20011 / 2012.

I believe many trials goes faster than you believe MJ, Trustor they want to believe it took longer, they release fake
things in the newspapper so people will be lost track of what is going on.

But in the facebook Mark Zuckerberg its the other way around ?
In the movie its goes quickly but in real life those trials was going on longer ?

He didnt want to give them some money.

They waited had like an investigation trial going for years.
They wanted to wait to he got rich ?

They couldnt didnt want to stop him direct because they needed his knowledge and facebook to become rich.
I believe the trials was at Harvard and was held by an Harvard judge ??

And they got alot of money.

It was his idea from the starts that what he says “they needed my codes” “they couldnt build facebook without me”
They found hacked his computer/or someone turned on him ? maybe Eduardo Saverin.
He had already had an idea about a community but they like changed it made it theres.
And he started took it from them but it was his idea.
They wanted to comeback when he was rich.

About 2012 Instagram was released.

And that was why they took his money that year.

Instagram is a way to promote yourself and if you have you can promote your company,
And companys can use it to promote there company.

They used that money to build “google offices” around the world.

So they probably took his money and used that money to block facebook ?
And block other companys that maybe started there businesses with instagram.

It is people on Facebook from Harvard are they to be trusted ?
Can facebook trust how many users they have ?

Some years later facebook bought instagram.


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