In these countries the blood diamonds industry exploaded 1990
Angola, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Guinea Bissau

Could they been smuggled thru africa to egypt and then with ships to ceyhan turkey a big oil harbour in Turkey.

Is it then and there pirates in Africa was created to find blood diamonds on boats.

Could some even been none african looking for diamonds.

Was it that way USA got to know about it they tried to robb a American cruise ship and they told the workers on
the ship that they where looking for blood diamonds.

Barkhad abdi the pirate from captain philips is from somalia he won an oscar for best supporting actor he just said thank you
he is a pirate for real thats how he is so good at it in the movie.

There is a secret american base in somalia and there is over 100 000 somalian living in the USA
how did they get to the USA ?

Doing what ?
They worked at an american base ?

cleaning cooking ? thats how they got the job ?

Could the americans pay somalian or give them acces to america against that they looked for diamonds on ships.

Oil doesnt exists its only something black, cars goes on the engine could it bee that fluid that is in the pipelines

beetween turkey and iraq but sometimes the lines are empty with diamonds from africa running

in “oil” from turkey to irak?

Could it been that way a black diamond was “created” its a ordinary diamond that have been running in oil for miles and miles
it need to bee a little fluid in the lines for the diamonds to run forward.

Thats why so many countries invaded kuwait they hade weaker deefence than irak and maybe the help from turkey.

So irak didnt invade kuwait they where defending iraq from the people going for the pipelines and diaomond
on irak soil.

could it bee

Iraq needed the turks help after loosing the war against iran they didnt know that tureky was the enemy together with

Probably USA AND IRAQ and TURKEY was the big couintries in this war the other couinries just had like people sleeping pasing by there country

The war was about taking control of the pipelines ?

There is special places where you can go in and out from the pipelines saw that in a James Bond movie.

Or maybe they know there was diamonds in the pipeline and they was planning to take it where the pipeline ended in Iraq.

Probably it takes weeks for the diamonds to travel that far nobody knows where they where so they only way is to take them
as close to the finish as possibly or where the line ended.


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