In these countries the blood diamonds industry exploaded 1990.
Angola, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Guinea Bissau.
There was a big finding of diamonds in 1990 we found an article about that.
Gulf War started January 1991.

You get tricked by the Movie Three Kings to think the gulf war was about gold but it was about
blood diamonds from Africa.
Matt Damon is an actor in Three Kings we like to believe he is in movies that has something to do with the big secrets.

Could they been smuggled thru Africa to Egypt and then with ships to Ceyhan a big oil harbour in Turkey.

Pirates started to hijack ships to find the diamonds and thats is how american military got to know about the diamonds.
The workers on the boat asked the pirates what they where looking for and they answered blood diamonds.
And that is how American military got to know about them.

Could it be that it is in the pipelines between Ceyhan in Turkey and Kirkuk in Iraq the diamonds travel.

And that is what the gulf war was about to get to the diamonds in Iraq first.
You shouldnt trust what it says in the pappers.

The diamonds travelled in little oil and no-one knew when they was to reach Iraq.

The American military had to go thru Kuwait to get to the pipeline in Iraq.

I had a theory that the American Military used Somalian pirates to search for the diamonds on boats for them.
And for doing that many Somalian people got American citizenship.
There is a secret American base in Somalia and there is over 100 000 Somalian living in America.

Cant there be something to find in Captain Phillips ?!