Niggas in paris my first thought was Victoria secret service in paris

it looks like they just flew up from the chairs aploading ?

could jayz and Kanye bring friends ?

the crowd is just rich suits ?

its expensive tickets so they should be rich ?

is there any blacks in paris ?

is like jordan mj and famous blacks the only ones that has been there ?

no they cant just block people from going there ?

is it hip hop artists that has all the answers how sick the World is

why dont they have the show outside so thousands can see ?

with the street suare in the background ?

is it only in sweden we have shows like nrj in the park rix fm festival when people can here artist for free and see famous people ?

if you own the show as a model at a Victoria secret show you could prob be an actress ? and prob sing or be a dancer ?

i saw dua lipas first perf she was a model owning the stag direct !!

ofc Victoria secret late nights saturday in europé when people are out party ?

wouldnt Victoria secret sell more if more people saw the Girls live ?

Girls buy smartphones for thousand they can buy underwear i dont know how much they cost ?

they want it to be exclusive only rich and famous people are allowed to wear them ?

i dont Think beyonce would care if simple high school Girls in norway wear them

she doesnt even know that ?

stop jay z from fucking Young norwegians then

was four five seconds recorded like undercover the labels didnt know ?


who is jamie azur

Alessandra ambrosio saw a Little bitter when catwalking

one article About jamie azur that he is eating dinner with ambrosio the Days after eating dinner with an other

model ?

is there still papparazis ?

he has Picture taken like every day ?

yes there is still papparazis must be i see Pictures in click ?

how many diets can there be for Hollywood people ?

do papparazzis come near there Hollywood homes or are they locked in with fences ?

famous people ended papparazis by sending Pictures to perez hilton instead

private Pictures ?









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