lykke li – i follow rivers the magician rmx

the prestige

Colorado rivers ?

Osgood Castle in Colorado ?

John C. Osgood from Brooklyn to colorado

is he irish ?

yes there is irish living in Denver Colorado

Colorado fuel ? cars dont need fuel that is created as i have written Before !

1892–93 first cars in NY

Colorado goldrush 1859 ?

could it been like a new one end 1800s ?

it was not an castle osgood castle it was his private home just a big big house ?

so where was the prestige filmed ?

could it be the same Theatre as moulin rouge ?

in Cherbourg france ? where the Titanic started there journey

the famous casino in cherbourg

was the Titanic french owned ?

did they have Insurance ?

how can they get Money back ? which bank had that Money or guvernement ?

the boat wasnt paid for ?

the took Money from the persons on the boat ?

or the people that builded the boat was like owned by the guvernement so they didnt pay anything for the steal

and motors ?

but didnt i wrote that those people Went to paradise Island ?

yes but they had to like there Money had to dissapear ? or ?

no one checks there “dead” relatives Money ?

there relatives where on the boat ?

yes leo Paints in Titanic the boat traveled from france

they had bags with Money ?

no they Went to  a scret Island they didnt need Money ? hte hade like big gold Money ?

was Keira knightley there fucking and sucking likiliki ?

(they Girls in England forgot how to like dress themself and dress nice ?

after Keira knightley got them to play fotball in kick it like Beckham ?

no its nothing wrong with making Girls paly fotball ? no it can not be ? )


back to france

Moët was the official Formula One champagne provider between 1966 and 1999 and again from 2016.

dont drink and drive ?

Queen made a song for french moet about a killer Queen ? Queen Elizabeth 11 ?

killer Queen ? moet ? did she like already then started to end the nightclubs ?

why did beatles end after 10 ?

abba after 10 ?


maybe its not as expenive as you Think to build a big house ?

osgood castle aka clevenholm ?

clevenholm design they design the house that winterfellinc is building ?

osgood found gold when he came to Colorado ? its that gold that clevenholm is Selling ?

who worked for him digging for gold ?

(är det lika varmt i france som i kina ?

shouldn china have snow then ?

samma bredgrad ? lika långt upp till kalla Sverige för france ? kalla ryssland för china ?)

1878— Osgood purchased the Whitebreast Coal and Mining Company in Burlington, Iowa, and became the company’s president. Whitebreast was a chief supplier of coal for the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad.

that wasnt on wikipedia ?

Chicago also have a big river

prison break Chicago fox river prison

he made Money on coal mines in Chicago to afford the house in Colorado ?

the first railroads was created to ship coal between citys ?

and maybe fuel later on ? metall ?

to car factorys ?


( can you really tatoo a guy in prison with the help of a portable cd player ? seems strange ?

how many tried after seeing OZ + )

where gangster even tricked by prison series ? they like thougth they could do more drugs in prison ?

back on track

he liked died and told his family i want you rent the house ouf for weddings ?

there can be weddings there when you are at k mart shopping ?

(why do strip club send out the most pretty Girls the latest ?

the guest are more drunk ? send out the not as pretty ? but al i see is beatiful Girls where i am but i am not allowed to talk to them if i do ? something bad will happen ?

“why do strippers work 7 Days a week ?

wouldnt it be better they go out party 2 Days meeting horny boys that will come to the stripclub byuing dances and beer ? )

im back


who ownes it ?

if it was a person who owned it he or she #puuh would live there ?

could it be the state in Colorado ?

nonono leave americans alone

could it be an irish Company ?

or irish bars ?


( wtf is there a copy of mcgyver ? what the fuck ? what is he Learning in that show ? he is hacking instead of making toasters from an egg and a knife ? )

losing it










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