Studio 54 / John Lennon

Shot 8 december 1980

burried 10 december ashes no people on the funeral

it must had been his friends that killed him ?

people from sony music and rolling stone magazine

they couldnt show a sad face ?

people should of noticed ?

he dated yoko on she was younger should be alive today

the police didnt had to investigate that much the shooter was
still there when they came

studio 54 started 1977 ended 1980 february

came back 1981-1986 ?

owned by companies

Disco music is so good ? you can never stop listen to it

You never get tired of disco

People bought so many records

Disco – motown owned the cd selling
Diana Ross The Supremes Thelma Huoston

Sony music owns the beatles john lennon music ?
dont release because people have forgotten about The Beatles and john Lennon.

Did rock music take over after studio 54 ? ofc
Rock is the 80s rockballads no party music

More cd sellings ?

The Rolling stones
Guns n roses
Bruce Springsteen

Rolling stones magazine ?
They released photos/stories of drugs at studio 54

Movie cocktail ( 1986) Tom cruise and Coughlin you think its based on studio 54 the nightclub and it is
at the bar it is rock music addicted to love but at the nightclub it is disco

Tom Cruise sleeps with a reporter/photographer at a magazine, rolling stone magazine

It was a reporter that set studio 54 up, she sleept with one and got to know about drugs
and black money.
They got fooled by that she was a girl ?

A reporter who was a man would never gotten in.

In cocktail they knew she was a reporter but not in real life ?

Steve Rubell says “you are superstars” to the bartenders ? but they are not allowed to
talk to the press ?

People read the Rolling stones magaszine people buy more rock cds

It was rock beatles rolling stones Elvis Tina Turner

then disco

then they wanted to take rock back again

did rock music sell less records during the disco era studio 54 ?

think so

Rolling stones maybe bruce springsteen released cds but they didnt sell ?

Steve Rubell ( studio 54 owner ) needed john lennons mony to come back and open studio 54 again ?
He got caught by the IRS the reporter set him and the club up.

Companys took it over and killed like the party in nightclubs after that more stiff ?

The ending in the movie is just one night he had an reunion John Lennon was dead at that night

Sony music rolling stones magazine killed him

john lennon was bisexuall?

the shooter gay he got an autograph and thought they hooked ?

he knew where he lived

rolling stones magazine had taken pictures outside ? ( and they had told him )

you couldnt find john lennon house in the yellow pages

disco – motown

rock – sony

rock – rolling stones magazine

He is dead ?

The killer got the weapon from sony or rolling stones magazine they tricked him

John lennon killing warned others, Freddie Mercury and George Michael this is what could
happen “we must kill you”

They didnt got killed over night they started long before with Freddie Mercury having aids
same with George Michael

Yoko Ono is still alive and probably the shooter also.

Maybe already then the police didnt know who John Lennon was ?

Beatles split up years before.

He was John Lennon from studio 54 not from Beatles ?

IT didnt end up at the frontpage in any newspapper ?

“john Lennon is dead” is from some movie ? it didnt happen in real life ?

Yoko Ono didnt know that much english ?

Is that sony music last mony those Beatles music. ?


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