Could it be.

You dont need a pill to release your brain, its the pill we take that stop our brain ?

We read about algebra and wars that havnt existed in school,

We study to more than one test at the same time thats no good.

What do they read in schools today ?

The same as 1990 ?

Same wars ?

Its has come new people in the World that is Worth Reading about, its time for new books.

I Think everyone is limitless its the medicin we take that blocks our brain.

Medicin against anxiety is no good you have anxiety feel bad then you need to take something that makes you happy.

Maybe go to Disney land or something instead people go to hospitals and gets more anxiety with the sad

Environment there.

Its a bad circle.

When you feel bad maybe go out party or go on a trip tell your parents that you really need a trip

to get the spririt back in your Life and you will pay them back.

Could the best artist comedians that are the most happy can let loose the most people that have gone thru life without any medicin ?



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