How did the carphatia find the titanic ??

Its just a big ocean did look at the seecard a big fisch to to right o big bird to the left,
there is no solid points only iceland and
and greenland.

No island.

Its something with place site description ?

could smartphones been around for decades ? but how did they get net ?

the cell phone came middle 90s smartphone 2010

How did a person in swedan call a person in USA back in the days do we think its a cable from sweden to USA ?
No that was cell phone !!!

They came up with the idea for smartphone a long time ago but then they hadnt came up with spotify !!

89 nintendo internet middle 90 s they wanted people to stay inside and play and feel wors
more anxiety more medicin !!

Less sports less climbing trees !!

OFC palme hade säpo after him who called the police ??
Was it an UN plane in stockholm that day
wy wasnt stockholm closed !!

2007 faceook they wanted people to run home and look at here FB.

2010 there allready were so many computer geeks so they wanted people to go outside again and buy stuff on cafeterias.
They created “instagram Girls ” so that people would look up to girls living luxorius lifes spending more moeny there parents get
debts more anxiety more medicin !!

Spotify 2010 people wvery where listening to music everyone looses there own favourites and listening to all kinds of music
no favourites no concert no poster no one to look up to.
No goals more anxiety more medicin !!

No artist to look up to more kardashian more home more dream about the Good Life more sms loans more anxiety more
medicin !!

Sms loans 2012 how much did the anxiety medicn raise then ?? everyone take sms loans

Could it be so that they created unibet etc to keep people at home ??
all older people often had there friends att the store where they meet if they didnt meet them they maybe feel more worse. !!

middle 2010 people started to playing on UNIBET on there smartphones sitting in cafeterias and not visiting there personal betting store

Why did bubbles dissaapear such a feelgood band one got a job in London One studys in Lund !!!

Why do apple have spotify on there apple phones ??
Its Itunes biggest competitor

2010 smartphone and Spotify and apple removes so that you can burn cds so people couldnt listen to eminems cd on there CDs
they started to listening to different artist !! no idols no posters no concerts !!

2013 the aux cable, people hade listening to all there cds they had and got tired of them so they came up with aux cable
so they could listen to spotify on there cds
And the young kids stopped listening to there eminem cd because they hade listening to it to much !!
Spotify must have more than 30 millions users !!

Where is the swedish guys that ownes it maybe they came up with the idea but apple owns it !!
Aux cable in there car less mix megapol less happy faces !!

Is it so that i write that wverytime you buy a new phones and upgrade it you have to buy spotify again no no no ??
1 dollar for a person is not much but alot for apple !!

Could music on state radios all over the world bee dol and booring !!
People feel worse more anxiety more medicin ??


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