He played cards in Rounders called Mike.

It ends with him leaving Chicago or where he was to move to Las Vegas and play cards !

In oceans eleven he plays Linus a Little street criminal with fast fingers .

He changed his name to Linus on the streets so know one would know where he came from.

It ends with them robbing an hotel.

In the Bourne identity he Wakes up in the ocean with a pain in his head.

They are  Twin brothers, one is a Jason Bourne an agent with sick skills
solving crime and fighting !!
Could it be that Jason Bourne also was in the oceans eleven planning it with Brad Pitt and George Clooney??
who could plan that ?

It must be someone who has seen alot of other robberys.

Linus that was a thief tricked Jason Bourne to get the Money from the oceans eleven robbery he tricked him shot him and put him in the ocean !!

Could it be so that Linus now goes around beeing two persons ? doing crime and solving his own crimes ?

He is both linus and Jason ? He took Jasons passport and goes around pretending to be Jason.

Ofc if he is Jason Bourne trying to solve the ocean eleven robbery no other police will have that crime

But then it will be two Jason Bourne ?

One in Las Vegas ”trying” to solve those crimes ? and one running around trying to find who he is ??

He changed the name on the agent in Las Vegas police men often to that

he changed it to Walt tenor ??

Matt Damon stuck on you !!