english people guarded german, germans england

The un was created after ww2 ?

english germans

the un guarded sovjet union cold war

(it was sovjet union during cold war but with the russian citizien storming ukraine i mean where ukraine used to be and where it is now)


they sended troups to vietnam

french people died 10 years before about 1946 send by the un (we where soldiers)

the americans was warned they died in vietnam

nuclear weapon was created after ww2 to creat stability

so no new hitler would come

the people who knew hitler was fake created the atombomb hiroshima ? but that was fake just burned houses and like svavel
other solderiers thought he was alive they didnt believe in the bunker story they wanted to search for him ?

but other soldiers went to hiroshima ? they who knew he was fake american soldiers !

they stopped looking eventually ? or did they say he died in hiroshima ?

the created a big whole burned houses and said that he died there ? must be like that

the germans in like the guvernment said he was nuts they couldnt stop him ? but it was them who created him and later the UN

italy germans japan they knew back then was on same side hiroshima – japan.

russia usa north korea got nuclear weapon about 1947-1950

UK about 1955-1960

is the mission impossible movies ? to find the nuclear weapons ?

they say in the movie probably but its really about finding them ?

no one know when the movies was situated/created that they didnt excist ?

role play on role play ?

it was fake ? the where no nuclear weapons ?

it was fake ? the agents didnt care or didnt know ?

the agents search for it ? but they dont ? but that is what the war between russian and uk agents is about ?

they agents dont know ? but they dont care ? they play poker ? on casinos get there paycheck ?

a certain site find that out ???? that nuclear weapons dont excist ?

they are based on a true story ?? without the action ?

russia was on france side in ww2 ?

they knew the uk wasnt on the american side ? they knew they where on the germans side ?

or they found that out after the war

the russian agents have like forgot who they work for ? who pays there check

no one looks

6000 people working for essity in Russia ?

agents on nights ?

the russains comes to london with Chelsea roman abramovitch boat ?

the russian was mad at the UN for sending french to vietnam but they was glad they where in ukraine cold war ?

they also thought it was soldiers ? the ones in kreml

it was like one person from UN that worked close to kreml that told that ? that it was soldiers ?

cold war was ofc created by the UN ? englishmen ? germans ?

it was american agents guvernment that got reliefed when they found out nuclear weapons didnt excist ?

and russian guvernment

he have people under him

under him

under him

he dont know what agents do ?

that they look for nuclear weapons but they dont ?

since nuclear weapons was “created” there has been 100 of wars and nothing has happened ? the agents knew that so they werent scared ?

Is that what Bond and Mission Impossible movies is about even in the movies they dont talk about Nuclear Weapon the y search for Nuclear weapon and if there is in one movie that is just gangster crimonals that have them but that is fake ? if Ethan Hunt stops a nuclear attack it wasnt a nuclear weapon !

The agents play poker and play role play at casinos women agents also probably some actors also.


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