Real Madrid 80 000 000 millions likes

Asian tour Usa tour !!

You Think everyone of them will have to buy the Ronaldo shirt to make it go even !

Real probably ownes the fake shirts also 50 euro for fake 80 euro for the real

50 times 2 000 000 = 10 000 000

80 times 10 000 000 = 80 000 000

90 000 000 the whole Ronaldo bying only there !!

is it legal to have an other bank account on Malta ? dont Think so ??

Thats why Neymar and Zlatan didnt have the same nr so the people only could change it

why dont they donate the shirts to africa !!

Why do people rather sit on the bench in Real than be the best in Everton ??

why did real buy the Young norwegian ? he got dissapeared there people in norway couldnt se him play !

I need Money for my family no you doing them a favour when you dont give them any Money they will not go to school and get an job !!

How many kids dont quiet because they Think they will never go to Tottenham.

What do people have the most anxiety about in Spain Heard that its a Lovely country they have the most anxiety about fotball matches winnings and losing !

Real cant start losing there matches because some people in Zaragoza would feel better

could you have one more serie with fixed stats ? 37 – 45 year old people ? no or would they play in fixed matches ?

a friend in spain told me the water taste great now a Days !!



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