Why did heath ledger commit suicide such a great actor people loved him why did he drank whiskey at the Victoria secret show ??

to show people that he felt bad ??

did people in the usa know he did drugs ?

they planted some drugs romuors se when he did an overdose people would be prepared for it !?!?!

he started doing drugs Young people started doing drugs ? and when they owned people to many Money they commited suicide ??


how can Movies be so expansive ??

Lord of the rings ??!!

was that the Movie that made the Money in Movies escalate ? elijaah Wood came from nothing to make 200 millions in one Movie ??

they raised the Movie ticket when lord of the rings came

from 10 to 15 dollars that is alot of Money for the studio so they paid the actors insane amount of money

how can shia lebouf make so much Money in transformers he is in for 40 minutes

he could have done that Movie for free that i so good PR for him !

Money that they spent in america and when they did that americas Money raised to the roof

more Money better hospitals and wellfare ??

so the taxes raised also ??


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