To explain more about my life after they tricked with my Head and getting me confused that was the fall 2012 and beggining 2013.

after that i was robbed and things have moved in my apartment.

i told my family that but they didnt believe me  so they send me to an doctor, he didnt believe me either.

he believed i like thought it was demons that had Done it.

so i ended up in a hospital against my while. And there it happened alot of strange things, they really wanted to get to me.

but i found myself back.

the summer 2013 i started working in a nightclub at a swedish summer destination.

there some Young co workers cut me in my foot so i started bleading alot.

with them had tricked me that i had diseases  i really lost it.

I didnt get to work anymore so i felt bad and stayed in my bed for a month.

and when i laid there some really strange things happened.

the apartment under me is owned by a doctors family that dont want me any good.

they played sounds it sounded like it was a massacre in the house babies crying.

after this i lost myself i gained alot in Weight and i lost myself confidence.

The fall of 2017 i got Tired of feeling bad so i Did a 2 month juice diet.

i drank only juice and water for two month at the same time i Went to the gym.

i lost 35 kg and felt great.

i started having fun at work and when i was out drinking, i chased girls Again and loved life.

feeling so good i started writing strange things on my fb without thinking.

suddenly people got worried and Cared about me, it was the people that wanted me bad and had destroyd my life.

they where affraid that i would remember what they had Done to me.

to stop writing strange things i wanted to remove my fb but i couldnt find how, so i deleted my Mail wrote over and out on fb and logged out.

that they used so they send me back to the hospital. But i was just going to stop using fb.

The first thing i Did on the hospital was to search on Diana world trade center and Olof Palme. I went on a mission.

with 3 days left on my month in hospital stay a nurse told me they wanted me to stay 5 more days to make sure that i took my medicin.

i got so mad so when i was allowed to go home for 2 hours i left.

i went on a Journey on that Journey i searched even more.

its that Journey im talking about in the paradise island text.

one day i looked at the Madonna – ray of light video and came into a zone, i just started writing.

and my search for paradise island had begun.

after a month they found me and i got send back to the hospital for 2 month.

it was like i was in prison.

when i came out i slowly lost it i had no money and the summer 2018 i gained my weight.

when i was in the hospital i had mailed my club Concept to alot of people.

the fall 2018 a person told me that he liked it i got so happy so i created the website.

i think alot of people got scared, with me having a website i could reach  to alot of people.

i still had all the files in my computer.

with the website i started feeling better.
and i slowly started to look at all the files what i had written.

at the begginig of 2019 i was back Again having fun and chasing girls.

that Did they guards in gothenburg Notice i know they stalk my life.

Nightclub people started to treat  me bad and behaved really strange

at the end of mars i noticed that people at my work stalked me also so i stopped going there.

i stayed home for Almost 20 days felt bad.

so the noises from the apartment under came back.

it sounds like children dying and that it is a massacre in the house.

so the end of april i went on my Journey.

starting to write and look thru my files.

i know i had computer hackers from gothenburg hacking my computer for years they are controlled by the doctors.

i know the hospitals have family working on the clubs in gothenburg and they are not doing there best.

It could be the same in many cities.
They are a sect.

i sometimes run into nightclub people in gothenburg people i know had had terrible thoughts about me, they believe i had something to do with that boy dissapearing.

but he didnt dissapear it was computer hackers and the police that created that to destroy my life.

i know i had people ive had as Friends for years that believed i Did it also.

some where controlled to check on me so i didnt do anything to smart.

its like my brain has been shutdown for years but now i know that im Smarter than i believe.

on the days i drink some beer i believe im smarter  outside than just staying at home, but i want to watch more movies and series.


i watched the aviator last night.

alec baldwin plays pan am owner and in pearl harbour he plays a military man.

i wrote that it was Mercedes that wanted USA in the war, that someone in the army got the Control of Mercedes selling Cars in USA.

maybe so

Ford build the Engine to the Machines so Maybe they wanted them into the war.

and pan am wanted them in the war so the war would end and they could start fly to europé.

maybe pan am had a connection in the army. And thats why baldwin plays those two parts.

Maybe baldwin bought Leo comp it felt like Leo lost it in the end

it was a strange end it could of ended with him winning leaving court but instead it ended with him Losing it at the toilet

baldwin took over the Hercules and sold it to the army.

there from is the connection with the army

flights over the atlantic started 1938 just before the war.

so three big comps tricked USA to enter the war, controlled by the island people Wanting more money from the soldiers.

i think i have written it before but i do believe the pyramids where build world war 2.

the spanish army guards the boarder from France so people didnt run into spain.

And the police/guardia civil build the pyramids.

its really hard to explain but Maybe they send tourists there and they didnt like believe they where the first onces there.

And they egyptains just believe they had missed it.

so all the historical books are fake.

maybe one year when the historical books got updated they put in that the pyramids where build before Jesus christ.

if egyptain build it years years ago i believe they would have builded a little city next to it of them sleeping there while Building it.

and i do believe the paradise island people have something hidden there.


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