Netflix !!

Budweiser created about 1880 in tjeckien.

Bought up by americans, some %

The tjeck owner was rich and ofc didnt knew how big it was in the USA,

“He took the company down with him in his grave”

The others had lost focus on USA long time ago and “lost there %”

Budweiser Main offie brewery St Louis

The only netflix cinema is in St Louis.

“we can be kind on this one”

Netflix office California.

Budweiser gave young relatives sons Netflix when it was created 1996 they where about 20-25.

It stood still, DVDs.

About 2011 they saw that house DJS Avicii and Alesso was creating great nightclub music.
They wanted to stop people from going to clubs, ofc they wanted people to stay home and wathc netflix and buy Budwieser.

Budweiser make the same money from grocery store byuing as Nightclubs but ofc people that drink at home drink more ?

They saw house djs coming.

The people on Greenland ofc drink Budweiser its the most cool commercial brand.
Greenland send a boat to a city in USA and they get what they want food etc.

A person at budweiser/netflix knew a person from Greenland that knew how to make movies series.

They said we want a big series so people stay home.

The people at greenland also had seen that avicii alesso so they created a series for computer nerds to keep them from
going out listening to house and become cool nightclub people.

That could find them on Greenland.

So they created a “sci Fi” Game of Thrones which probably in the beginnig didnt know where it was going it was aired for 2 months then 10 months
break hackers computer nerds thought wundered what it was about.

Game of thrones probably didnt have an ending when they started they created it while filming it, the actos are
people from Greenland.

Netflix boys created it with money they have earned on the Apple share ( 2011 )

Budweiser super bowl commercial 2014.
Its dogs horses running around, it was that year they have found game of thrones and people started to watch it from thge

They also made fun of people not finishing any episode, they go out with there dogs, watch there phone,

Its not Netflix that are the criminals they ofc want to make money they have nothing to do with ruining the nightclubs / bars.

People must understand that usa have 400 million citizens and its only in the main city they have nightclubs, other citys
is more about outdoor living and netflix on the evening,

It is Budweiser that is behind Netflix.

“stop the movie i have to get another beer”

Ofc Netflix knew that people dont finish there series sot they make fun of that in commercials.

I believe people should wathc new series the day the episodes is aired, maybe they can show series in bars also the day its aired.

And old series the same way “episode 1 thursday at 5 pm”

Netflix and chill is not my thing


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