Cant really say when it started prob mid 1990s.

They rasied the rents clothes food everything companies make more money people earn more money.
The first months was the hardest ofc before they had gotten there salury raised.

Norway made more money also – More salury more taxes “circles”

Taxes: Brutto/netto the money is you loose is taxes that the guvernment use to pay police hospitals state banks firemen
school staff

Also taxes when you buy expensive things cars apartments dont know excactly but i think the car really cost 50 % less ?
and 50% is taxes that the guvernent use.

They also build roads schools and pay themself with that money.

Sweden was first with infrastructur then ofcourse norway was second.

They are scared of people who can take down the system first it was secrets about ww2 then since the late 70s
medicin against menthal health.

Medicin against menthal health raised late 90s when computer video games escalated and it got another boost around 2012
when instagram came and girls looked to much at influencers and there fake lifes.

Havnt googled but around 2000 Norway released they have OIL = they “sell” make more money.
But they dont have any oil.
People countries dont talk who they buy oil from.

They said that so they could raise the earnings for people who are unemployed and sick.

They want people to be sick so they stay home watch movies get fat so there brain stop working,
they ofc also get slow from the medicin.

The money can run out if to many people are to sick, they make lets say 3000 dollars beeing sick unemployed
The money cant run out excactly but they have to have some safety.

If they do they raise the taxes again.
Its taxes on everything you buy maybe not 50 % as on cars apartment but some and on your rent also.

If to many people get to sick they dont buy things either so the money can run out.

There is 15000 hotells on Gran Canaria controlled by a former Norwegina skiier.

Some Norwegians stay there with there earnings.

They people in the norewgian guvernment also have medical shares ofc and thats why they want people to be sick so they make more
money on the share and that people get slow so they dont find them / take them down,

And here comes the fun part.

Sweden dont know Norway dont have oil-

“every country dont know eachother secrets”

Haha Norway buy from some Asian Saudi Arabian country cheep.

And then Norway sell to Sweden for more money.

The gas stations should also be owned controlled by the guvernment then ?

So Thats how the Norwegian Guvernment make money on that oil money from Sweden and on the medical share.

The Norwegians have insurance everyone they dont pay extra money on an insurance they are incured with the taxes money. !!

Every Politician in every country in Europe probably are friends it doesnt matter who wins the election its the same
people. !!


Sweden was first with infrastructur.

Roads rails hospitals everything thats why we are the smartest we where before everyone.

Sweden together with England ( united kingdon, UK ) created medicin against menthal health late 70s.

In Sweden the make money on the taxes the money that is over ” Christmas bonus “.

In Sweden they have much Focus on ruining the nightclubs young people connected with ÖStra Sjukhuset in Gothenburg
work at the clubs they dont do more then they have to.

And they have controll over “cool” people who can take the system down,

Its there fathers that work at östra and they are raised in ÖRgryte, Gothenburg.

In Sweden ofc people also are sick but not as much as in Norway.

They know music will get people going so in Stockholm and Gothenburg there is DJS who plays crap music,
so people will not have fun, maybe be fronm from a depression.
And they dont want smart people to listen to good music that will get there brains to work to find more business ideas-

More business ideas equals more companies more people cant get a job and less people are sick = less people buy medicin.

= they make less money on the medical share.

The Guvernment also knows there is other people in Gothenburg Stockholm that works Restaurants/Clubs who is there
to ruin and have controll over people.

There is maybe 5-10 people in Gothenburg from the UK working and they dont do more than they have to.

The english nor the the boys from Örgryte like the restaurant business and thats why they cant know that they booth are
there to ruin.

The acting would be to complicated if they would to meat eachother.

They got there Jobs at clubs in gothenburg with help from Wallenstam – they own all the buildings/apartments in Gothenburg city.

Wallenstam have put un-attractive businesses on the main street in Gothenburg.
So people dont go to restaurants/clubs.

“music will get people thinking”

And thats what ive been talking about i dont want people to watch HIMYM all day i want people to sit in bars and discuss
talk, if you meet your friends more often people can tell if you are feeling bad.

Wallenstam from the start didnt have any secret but thats there secret now that they have put un-attractive companies
restaurants on the main street in Gothenburg.

So people will stay home become slow and dont brake down the system.

The english hospitals also wanted to have people in Sweden to have controll and ruin.


They didnt do it the same way as Norway the said they have oil probably early 90s ?
But they dont, oil is hot Russia Cold.

It is people in Russia that say they are rich from oil but they arent.

Those people are rich from money from people Insurances it lives 150 millionm peple in Russia,

They pay about 120 dollars a year ?

But they dont get sick and get any compensation for beeing sick because they are “alcoholics”

And its that money that is over they give to people in Russia, and that is the people that say they are rich on OIL.

And they are the terrorists in Mission Impossoble and those kind of movies.

They are probably friends relatives to people in the guvernment.

And its from that money they bought oil from an asian arabian country because they have to have oil ofcourse.

And the people in Russian guvernment ofc also make money from the tax money that is over ?

And maybe some on the medical share ?!?!?!


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