Is there really nuclear weapons ??

what is it really ? some kind of fluid you put on a misil that will when exploaded in the
ground kill millions of people animals and trees.

1. Who do you get to produce a fluid like that ?
do you tell a local doctor or a kemist, you will get 10 millions if you produce
a fluid that will kill 10 million people ?

2. how have you tested if it works ?

3. If it now works whu doesnt the kemist or doctor that produce it get killed ?
i dont think his protection clothes will help

I think nuclear weapon is just an excuse for for not cleaning up the shit in south korea
But maybe its beacause if there would not be “nuclear” weapons to many american russian soldiers
would act on there own and attack another coyntry.
people are crazy after playing to many video games and watching the rock

atombombs ?
i dont believe in them either
I think the bomb in hiroshima never happened, i think the us army killed every one in
hiroshima then burned it down and then maybe maybe they digged a big whole so that it would
look like a big bomb had exploaded there.

Every one in Hirsoshima got killed so who can you ask ?

Usa kina and russia came out with that they had nuclear weapons at the same time they are not enemies

the russians just look angry they all play golf together in marbella all day long



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