Reevas mother released a book November 6 2014. Pistorius got the verdictoctober 21 2014, My theory was that reevas

mother knew that pistorius would end up in prison for killing Reeva, that the lawyersprosecutors where in on it, Because she coukldnt write the book between october 21 and november 6 . The book was already ready before the last verdict. Reevas mother and brother was behind it. The brother woke reeva up and and got her in to the toilets she was a bit tipsy and didnt knew who she was talking to. There are similarities between Pistorius and Reevas brother. He got her into the toilets then pistorius shot her in defence he got scared. They knew he had a gun. The brother jumped climbed out from the balcony. Ive saw pictures from the house you could easily climb in and out from that balcony,

If pistorius wouldnt get the blame for the murder the mother and the publisher would of written a book that they couldnt release. It would of been a complete different book with pistorius not getting the blame.


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