osgood caste colorade cars gasoline metal railroads

osgoode in Toronto is books law school !!

vilka är wikipedia ?

dom lämnar massa ledtrådar för dom vill bli hittade nej det är till dom själva eller vettifan

kanske nån som kännde nån på 1850 talet frågar nån 1930 som frågar nån som känner någon 2019 varför står det inte om osgoode castle på wikipedia ?

what did he burn up in national treasure some contract no a signature from Roosevelt/lincoln from the night he was shoot ?

the declaration of independence

who where you free from ?

was usa a colony ?

what that what got burned up in the beginning ?

columbus italian !

library 1700 ?

how could they 1700 knew about Benjamin Franklin 1500 ? it said 1500 first time i checked i Think so

they did the ally mcbeal thing again.

ive noticed that ep 1 2 aired 99 ? third 97 ? thats strange !!

he talked to him he to him

are we back in the vatikan again ?

the vatikan book was in brooks  library shawshank redemption Ohio a Town with many many italians !!

the americans in Toronto ? osgoode library

there must be americans that cant be trusted

usa was free there was a colony ?

but still italians live in usa ?

papparrazis ? clothes cars ?

John Wilkes Booth diary is nothing he was set up probably by italians !!

Before librarys the only book was in the vatikan but the let things out fake things like that John Wilkes Booth killed lincoln?

vem har koll på cia nsa och fbi does?

national security advisor ?


he would know that nuclear weapons dont exists !!



on a plane smart !

where is Wesley snipes ? in jail for like tax fraud  ?

i am no racist but how can there be blacks in USA ?

how did they get there ?

you Think like colonys was like 300 years ago !!


have anyone seen Pavarotti and Pablo escobar together ??

could they bee the same person ?

drugs is from sicilly ?

throw colombia ?

to California blow guy ? Young ? forever Young i take drugs !!

NY gangs from italy ?


Alphaville forever Young they seem to having trouble deciding ? what they want to do ?

live fast die Young ?

or live longer read books ?

that is what Life is about ?

no one knows what to do ?

lets stay home and go to palma tomorrow and the beach tomorrow ?





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