Paradise Island

When im back in the days watched Jay Leno and David Letterman i alwaysed reacted over how come
the guests didnt know eachother , i know there is alot of celebrities in USA but they should have meet 
sometime at the golf course or at a restaurant.

So when i was on a spiritual journey the winter of 17/18 i started to think about an idé that there is 
a paradise island where many celebrities lives and thats why they dont know eachother beacause they dont
live in LA or NY they live on this island.

The people on this island is the most powerful people in the world they control the media and the movie

I had a theory that many movie is connected and that they leave cluese in the movies.

They first aired Top Gun in a version there goose didnt die, but that got to popular so they changed it. 
Its not like a person in small village in the usa would talk with another person in another village about the ending in Top Gun
People dont look what happens on the other side of the hedge.
They dont want us to feel good

In the shawshank redemption tim robbins tells you that if you win money you can donate without taxes to a relative.
Steve Jobs also lives on this island the wife got the money from his lifeinsurance and donates further to her brother or steve brother ?

They do everything they can to stop popular things but the house music they couldnt stop, Call on me come over an
night and changed the house music from underground to more commercial popular music

On this island there is copies of the worlds most famous buildings the opera house in sydney, colloseum and world trade center.

There is also alot of famous things from famous movies, the house in forrest gump, batmobile,
the ring from lord of the rings, the ship from pirates, the necklace from titanic and the cars from 
fast and the furious and there is an exact copy of the beach from the beach.

“Anywhere you go,desire is desire. The sun cannot bleach it, nor the tide wash it away…”

The world as we know it is news, murder, apps and unhappiness.
They dont want us to feel good.

The matrix red pill fake news murder and unhappiness
Blue pill is a life without beeing programed by all the fake news in the papers.

“It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth”

That the world really would be a happy place without them planning war, terror attacks and giving us unhappy news in
the papers.
A revursed the matrix.

They dont want luck for any black people they destroyd Tiger Woods career, i searched for black people winning the american idol or america got talented and i couldnt find any black people that had gone far.

I listened alot to Sabina Ddumba – Effortless why didnt that song become a bigger hit ?

During this travel i had no smartphone and i felt like a completely new person, more relaxed.

“clear your apps open your heart”

Vin Diesel lives on this island he handles the recruitment.
They fly to nearest mainland then they take the boats from pirates to the island then they travel with the cars
from fast and the furious to Gotham city that excists on this island.

Sarah michelle geller lives there its every mans dream to fuck buffy the vampyre and the girl from cruel intentions, she is some kind of boss.

Tim robbins also is there he is the one filling internet with fake death news on Morgan Freeman.
The shawshank redemption got finished month before planned because morgan freeman was such a great actor so tim robbins thought they lost an academy ward because the movie premiere where further away from the oscars.

On the streets they goes around as there most famous movie caracters John Travolta is Vincent Vega
Harrison Ford is the president of the USA and fucks with Momica Lewinsky.
Ari Gold is there he is the boss over warner !

R kelly stands on the opera house and sings gotham city, Russel Crowe and Brad Pitt fights on the colloseum.

“a city of justice a city of love a city of peace for everyone of us”

“how we need a place where we can go and where everyone will have a hero”

Batman Maverick Rocky Superman

I had an idea that Donald Trump lives on this island and that it is a copy of him living in the USA, thats why he has 
so much botox.

On this island there is alot of people that has “died” Heath Ledger is there MJ Whitney Houston Prince Paul Walker Elvis
has been there or maybe living on his last years. avicii ? guess who lived next door to Avicii in LA.
With the amounts of money they have its only for them to make a copy of the dead body, there mothers dont know what
a dead body feels like.

They control the magazines so it is just for them to wright an articel that the person has died with an statement from there personal doctors.
Or do they have to go to an public hospital when they dies?

The money to have this island they have got from the worlds charity organizations, who checks where the money you donate
ends up?
If a person who has donated money wanted to visit a child in africa that they have saved there is an builded
little village in africa that everyone goes to.

People dont look what happenes on the other side of the hedge.

On my journey i got very emotional i send flowers and chocolate to a wonderful girl and i started a monthly donation to swedish Queen Silvias charity “majblomman” the only charity i really could trust.

Bod geldorf also lives on this island he is a big financier from money he got from the Usa For Africa shows, the
money they got from the shows should have saved whole africa i thought.

They island is greenland they spend time at greenland skiing.
The titanic is there its just fake photos from the bottom ocean black pictures are easier to fake, and maybe all the people on it where actors ?
They ski on greenland and to swim and fuck modells they have a big paradise in a prison in Panama ( prison break s 03 )
a prison near a beach.

They control the UN and planes all the terror attacks, they killed Olof Palme put Nelson Mandela on Robben island and 
planned the attacks against USA on 9/11.

They are dealing with currency trading, when there is an attack on a country the currency will go down so they buy some currency and when the currency has gone up again they will have made some money.
Thats why there never is attacks in Sweden, we dont have euro.
They have incredible amounts of money.

The actors dont know the whole truth.

I think there is famous people that know about this island, Will Smith Morgan Freeman David Letterman
but they dont know what to do as the people on the island controls the newspappers.

They dont like Morgan Freeman at al and everytime there is an “korean” or “mexican” etc Morgan Freeman turns up on facebook there will be an attack against that country.

It was on this spiritual journey the idea for my club concept was born.

“i can only show you the door, you are the one that has to walk through it”