such a nice guy into the blue

nice Movie nice butts everybody wanted to be that guy

no phone no problems

comp took his business

drug asshole took drugs to his nice island

was that a clue to colombia crash planes and coust guard will “search” fot it to sell it further

the most beatiful girl next door Jessica alba =)

girl next door


car crash

2015 ? couldnt there be cars invented that dont burn when they crash ?

its 2019 do cars burn up when they crash ?

or you just Think so because you se that in the movies

there is no gasoline how could the car burn up ?

they just wrote an article ?

yeeeeees bingo bango bongo

he didnt go to a asshole island

he Went to an Island to live as he is in into the blue

should i leave him there in Peace and not letting him no that i could find him ?

or should i just go there and fuck alba in her nice smelling cute Little pussy =)

there he is ? a closed old studio where they recorded flipper?

Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, Florida)

who could be there ?

karate kid ?

some entourage people ?

drinking tequila shakira shakira

waka waka


im back where i belong =)




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