I have just finished Prison Break, season 1-2 for the 3 time season 3-4 for the second time and season

5 for the first time.

What i wrote.

” Prison Break season 1-2 is insane season 3 ok and 4 very bad they are only chasing scylla
back and forward.
Your really dont get any answers who was after him.
Could it be because that is what will happen you will not get any answers, Lee harvey Oswald didnt
get any.
Season 5 is prob just Michaels sons dreams.
Does Mahone want to talk to Scofield take him in maybe make him an agent
with the skills he had.
Does Mahone want to take The Joker in also he was at that bank waiting for him ”

I wasnt completly wrong he did get answers they got the Company down but it was very hard.

I just wrote from my memory.

And Mahone looked very impressed season 2 when he is in Scofields apartment and looking on the White wall, where Scofield had has his plan.

So he probably for one time he thought that Scofield could be a great agent,

The Company wanted him to work for them and so did the CIA.

But there probably isnt a Connection with Mahone beeing in The Dark Knight.


In season 5 Michael works for an secret CIA Group called 21 void and there leader Poseidon.

In the series he is in Yemen trying to get an terrorist called Abu Ramal out from prison.


Paul Kellerman about Poseidon season 05e04

” He is one of those myths you here about in the system he is an operative so untouchable so deep

you couldnt find him with a nuclear sub ”

” If you Think Russia and Iran are having to much influence in the middle east and you dont Think Washington is getting the job done. You free Abu Ramal he is nuts but he fight Iran and Russia for you ”


Could Booth comments be about Usama Bin Ladin ?

He “survived” being thrown in the water so his codename is Poseidon.


I have written Before that it is NSA with people from Securitas that are up in those Caves in Afghanistan, that like Al Qaida didnt exists.

That was a bit stupid.

Ofc they exists or else every intelligence in the World would be wrong.

But maybe they had got some help i wrote that NSA are in those Caves but it should be CIA that knows them best ?

( CIA and NSA have a program together called Special Collection service, it is over 80 agents working from American embassies )

CIA where in on the World Trade Center attacks and Usama Bin Ladin confessed that he was behind them,

Could he work for the CIA.

” if you dont Think Washington is getting the job done”

Washington – Security Advice – CIA !!

Maybe al of the terrorattacks to London, Madrid, Barcelona and the shooting in Paris are planned by the Paradise Island peple with help from the CIA ?

It is people they have like arrested that does those attacks ? with help from people in the CIA ?

I Believe the staff in the Intelligence´s are so many so not al people knows what the other ones is doing.

And maybe they are dealing with currency trading as i wrote in the paradise Island text the first thing i wrote.

When there is an attack to an country the currency goes down a bit.


I havnt wrote about the 2 other planes the one that crashed in the gras in Philadelphia and the one that crashed in the Pentagon. Maybe it was 2 suicide bombers that flew them 2 thinking tricked that they where going to a

Usama Bin Ladin heaven.

In New York it was easier for the pilots to hide probably landing on a rooftoop with the parachute.

or Maybe those planes also was actors.


Operation Neptune Spear was the operation called when they “killed” Usama Bin Ladin.


” Legal and ethical aspects of the killing, such as not being taken alive despite being unarmed were questioned by others. Also controversial was the decision not to release any photographic or DNA evidence of Bin Ladins Death to the public ”

On CNN it said that the DNA from the dead body where compared with a DNA they got from a Cave,

And that his DNA where compared with people from his family.

That news could just been fake news from the CIA to CNN.

In on the attacks where navy seals 160ths special operations Aviation regiment and CIA agents.

It was probably CIA that “found” Usamas location and took care of the dead body with the DNA.

The others where more Soldiers.

One of the Soldiers wrote a book about the attack so my theory is that they killed Another person many people looked like Usama in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Planned by the CIA.

The attackers had cameras on there heads and Barack Obama and the security advice watched it from the bunker in Washington so someone had to been killed.

Or else Barack Obama has a big big secret.

They probably needed to fake Usamas Death so people would stop looking searching in Pakistan Afghanistan.

And probably Usama Bin Ladin still runs Al Qaida controlled by the CIA with orders not to attack the USA.

Or else they would have revenged Usamas Death ?


“You killed there spiritual leader”

Lincoln after they killed Abu Ramal, about the insane one eyed person hunting them in the dessert in season 5


And i do Believe that Prison Break is created by people on Paradise Island.

They have solar energy on the Island !!

It started with the killing of Terrence Steadman his comapany Ecofield worked with solar energy.

Maybe the map lies a bit Greenland is probably more up North than Lappland Sweden.

The Earth is round so it could be warm at the highest up North.




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