Could she be the mother to

Natalie Portman – V for Vendetta, Star wars

Bridget Moynahan – MI, sex and the city, model

Michelle Monaghan – MI,   gone baby gone ( recorded in Boston )

They al looke the same !

They like to put corrupt actors in big parts.

Monaghan is a city in Ireland

It says that Raquel Welch is from Chicago but that could been fixed they dont want people to look for

them where they came from, they dont want stalkers and people like asking how they where when they

grow up.

Or she Went to Ireland after Chicago, maybe dated some James Bond actor,  agent.



Woody Allen former was it girlfriend or secretary or something that charged him for sexual assault.

He had uses the same jokes he had treated her the same way for years and years and then she

just twisted and many many women started charging there co workers.

Happened in Sweden also Tv 4 and SVT.

Could Bill Cosby been the first that this happened to ?

Could Raquel Welch was one of them who like told the lawyers what he had done to him on the set

for Mother, Jugs & Speed.

Probably with connection to the UK or ar from the UK like to destroy.

Bill Cosby was the biggest idol next to Eddie Murphy for al the big black american actors like Kevin Hart.

Maybe it is like this.


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