won best not like big Movie

like independent low budget Movie ?

at the Oscars

i read that it filmed like with hand cameras and the people in the Movie like the ones just Walking around

isnt in on it ?

they just walk and sometimes look in the camera ?

why did Warner do an lowbudget film ?

they wanted people to hear about the slum in Thailand ?

donate ?

or it was a lowbudget film in Thailand

didnt shown in the USA ?

some just found it europé ?

and first after the Oscar Warner bought it ?

and took it to Cinemas ?

15 dollar entrance ?

5 to Thailand ?

no prob the first ?

Movies is so thought throw ?

they was in the usa ?

who wants to be a millionar ?

then they made a Movie of them ?

followed them to india ?

it must be so ?

people would react if it was a independent first ? then become a Warner +

if it was a Warner first people wouldnt react ?

he didnt win 20 million ?

but he must have won some ?

could he stayed in the usa ?

he had to go home get green card ?


or its must be he was like 35 in who wants to be amillionare ?

and he wrote a film book about his Life ?

he didnt won 20 million but some ?


but but people donated ?

5 dollar isnt much ?

but usa have over 200 000 000 people ?

they won best independt Movie ?

but it was a big Movie buy Warner ?

they just tricked people that it was low budget buy saying at the people Walking on the streets just walked there

going to work

and sometimes looked in the camera ?




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