Johnny Depp

He is born 1963 thought 1955 first that would have worked better

He is George Young ( blow ) about 1983 –

California drugs blow. maybe it says the late 70s in the movie that could been wrong its the early 80s

He gets caught and ends up in ” prison ” in the 80´s but when he is supposed to be in
prison he is Donnie Brasco in NY, he knew the talk and the walked the walk.

He is probably very good on changing his appearance so the the gangsters in NY dont recognice him now
when he is an actor.

Its the same with the people that bought drugs from him in California in the early 80´s.

He does his first movie 1984 so there ends my theory if he is not doing that as a criminal.

If he was born in 1955 that i thought i read weeks ago i really would have believed in my theory that Depp plays himself.

Or maybe it is George Jung for real not depp that is Donnie Brasco In NY.

He get caught in the beggining of the movie then he is donnie brasco then he comes back and gets caught in the end,
he contiunued with drugs after beeing Donnie Brasco and got caught.

Or maybe they have lied about Depps age dont believe so looking at him but maybe he is older, and born 1955 ?!?!?

Actors are people that are good with words.

And they are people that have very good self confidence.

That is why i believe many people can be an actor i had a theory about Christoph Waltz from inglorius bastards
that he is more than an actor, that he maybe worked at a bank.

And that Harvey Specter is a lawyer for real.

If you have the right confidence you can be an actor, just believe in your self.

Thats why smart successful people can be actors.

I  believe that Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Reynolds are smarter than people believe and that they have own companies.

And that the people from boiler room, Vin diesel giovanni ribissi and Ben Affleck prob have that company from the movie.
It ends with them getting caught by the FBI ?

Actors are probably good on selling things.

Selling is much about going into a part, pretendig that you are someone.

And that many actors have studied at the skulls school like Paul Walker and maybe scarlett Johansson and i do believe she is sister
with Dakota Johnson from 50 shades of grey.

Maybe just one the parents are the same but i do believe they are sisters, they have the same face.

And that they put smart people in smart cool important parts like Laurence Fishburne in the Matrix.

Ive been thinking about it the last weeks but maybe i have solved what the Matrix is about in my text about paradise island.

In the Matrix it is that the world is great but Neo feels that is fake that it really is crap.

I wrote that the world should be wunderful but it is crap.

A revursed the Matrix.

I had a theory about mince from a cow in sweden that it is mixed with qourn.

There lives 10 million people in Sweden.

Lets say 5 million buys Among mince ( blandfärs ) every week 0,5 kg

thats 2,5 million kg

and 1 250 000 kg cant find the english word but 1 250 000 kg mince ( nötfärs ) from a cow

I have no clue but say there is 20 kg mince ( nötfärs ) from every cow

1 250 000 / 20 = 62 500

we cant kill 62 500 cows in sweden every week ?!?!?!?!

Then people buy pure mince from a cow  also that isnt mixed with mince from a pig.

20 kg from every cow is very estimated.

So i believe the mince is mixed with qourn !!!

As i written i believe essity is one of the richest companies

And that english people working for them folding papper handkerchiefs

I cant believe a machine can fold them.

People believes a machine does everything

But can a machine really sew al the clothes ?!?!?!

i dont believe so, i believe al the HM clothes is sewed in China in warehouses controlled by the cartelles

and that is HM secret.

But its good that they have a job.

Machines dont do everything.

Im starting to believe that the law that they want to be approved in enemy of the state has to do with my theory Abou that apple are the ones behind al the cameras on the streets and in stores.

The law is about filming more if im right, and my theory was that maybe apple are the ones behind the cameras.

Another great song that im listening to alot, im not always listen to the latest, i like the songs that are good.

John de Sohn – Dance our tears away

We can make it through these hard times
Dance our tears away
We can find our way in to the light
Dance our tears away
When everything just falls apart
We all stumble in the dark
& You feel out of place
Let’s dance our tears away
Dance our tears away
Let’s dance our tears away
Woa woa woa
Dance our tears away
So what do you say?
Let’s dance our tears away
We can rise when we are beaten down
Dance our tears away
We can turn it all around
Dance our tears away
When everything just falls apart
We all stumble in the dark
& You feel out of place
Let’s dance our tears away…
Let’s dance our tears away
Woa woa woa
Dance our tears away
Woa woa woa
Let’s dance our tears…

This does the hospital bosses know, that if you go out and party and dance and have fun your anxiety will go away.
Maybe you get anxiety that you used to much money or did something stupid when you where drunk but that will go away fast.

They want people to buy medecin so there shares stocks go up.

And that is why they are trying to kill the nightclub industry with help from people working.
On fridays its empty on the avenue in Gothenburg no partying at al, one of the reasons is that the clubs in Gothenburg has played
to uncommercial music so that the old stopped going out.

At one of the biggest clubs the people that runs it do no commercial on facebook at al, ofc you should not spam but not doing
any commercial on facebook is stupid.

I know they dont want the nightclub industry to do well.

It feels like 50% of the world population takes some kind of medecin, that must be stopped.

I believe that some medicin like the one they are forcing me to take slows down your brain.
That will affect your kids, when the medicin you takes make you less happy and slow your children maybe will not be ass happy.

A bad circle.

Just what im thinking ofc some medicin are good but i think there is other ways against anxiety.

Maybe watch how i meet your mother or friends and other comedys when your home and try to meet your friends more and have a beer.
From that your friends will know when you starting to feel bad so they can help you.

And try to travel somewhere it doesnt have to be a long trip, just seeing something new and relax will help you.
You can probably borrow money from your parents if you need a trip.


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