Arlanda Robbery / Spotify

He had debts to gangsters in stockholm ( russian ).
He was in the music industry manager. “mr kartellen”
They used him.

It came an empty plane from London to Arlanda ( airport stockholm )
It was taking Swedish Spotify money from Stockholm to London.

But when the plane landed and the security car with the money had entered the landing strip.
Cars crashed into the airport thru the fences.

They tied up the security guards and the men that flew the plane.
And started to fill there cars and the plane with money. probably 50/50

“Mr kartellen” and his friends took there money and hide it in the forrest.
And the plane with the rest flew away probably to russia.

“Mr Kartellen” flew with some money to spain.
And his friends slowly started to smuggle the rest to spain.

With the money in Spain he build a music studio, created record labels, and flew down young men from Sweden,Uppsala.
They started to produce music, bad swedish hip hop music.

But they got tired of smuggle money and they maybe wanted him from Spain.
He came home confessed wrote a book and got “prison” but not for that long.

When he came out he started to manage his group Kartellen and some other groups, and they performed
at Trädgårn in Gothenburg and a similiar place in Stockholm.

When in Sweden they continued producing bad music but in empty nightclubs in swedish ski resort Sälen.
The bands became more and more.
And thou they didnt deserve it they got there music released on Spotify.

Spotify wants that music on nightclubs because when kids turn 18 they go out and listen to the music, they perform
at those clubs.
Maybe they liked some songs but they didnt have fun its no party music.
18-20 years olds dont have ass much money yet, so they maybe only can afford going out 2-3 a month.
So the home partys took over.

With them not having fun they starts to listen to the artists music at home, pre partys home partys.
Playlists. Every artists sounds the same so they must listen thru alot of artist to find there favourite.
Not every parents pays there children spotify before they can pay it for themself.

So they get spotify maybe when they get there first job after high school.

And that music is also music that olders dont like that maybe want to go to trädgårn and chase younger girls.
So they dont go there because its no fun.

And the 18-20 years old when they think there to old for trädgårn they havnt had fun so they stop going out ?

And that whats every one wants every rich company,police, hospitals.

That people dont go out clubbing so they get “feeling” become smarter, find women so they becomes happier smarter
They dont want people to find there secrets.

Spotify thimks like this.

They become 18 go out listen to that music bad swedish hip hop music, those clubs are probably in every big city
in Europe.
And those clubs are only there to ruin they dont care about making money.
And they slowly starts to take that music into other clubs also.

They get spotify
12 dollar a month times 12 month = 144 dollars a year times lets say 70 years = 10 000 dollars on every person.

Thats why they could affors robbing themself they got those money back.
And they couldnt be behind that music on papper because it dont belongs on spotify.

And they probably did the same with the rest of the money in Russia.
That music ofc is good for drug business


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