John C. Osgood ( 1851-1926 ), Redstone Castle, also known as Cleveholm or Osgood Castle.

It had famous guests like Theodore Roosevelt.

He handled with Cars, gasoline, metal, coal, railroads and gold.

He created the railway to ship coal between factorys.

Was he the first really rich in the USA, the first big company ?

He found gold when he came to Colorodo.


Osgoode in Toronto is books, law and school.

William Osgoode ( 1754 – 1824 )

They leave cluese on the internet but you have to search its not everything at the same place.

What did he burn up in national treasure a page from John wilkes Booth diary the person who claimed to have killed
Abraham Lincoln 1865.

The declaration of independence

USA was free ?
Was USA a colony ?

Columbus italian.

But there is still italians living in the USA.
Many papparazzis is from Italy we believe and they work in clothes stores and they sell cars.

They shouldnt be in the army the italians.

John Wilkes Booth diary is nothing he was set up probably by italians !!

Could the truth be in the book ? or maybe the vaticans book ?


In Breaking Bad Walter White end up alone in a house somewhere out far in the forrest, it looks cold
could that be in Ontario, Canada ?

Dexter also ends up somewhere that looks very cold and out in the forrest with alot of threes.
Could that be in Canada also.
We think they end up near Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Working for gold minors finding gold in Canada.

Murder and drugs are the two biggest things that lawyers deal with.

Could the vaticans secret book be in Brooks library in Ohio and the Americans secret book in Osgoode Hall in
Toronto Canada ?


Could things been left out on Wikipedia.

Could they somehow belong together William Osgoode from London that createad Osgoode Hall

And John C. Osgood, Redstone Castle, also known as Cleveholm or Osgood Castle.

They recorded The Prestige at Redstone castle with Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett johansson and Michael Caine.
About magicians in London.


They didnt live the same exact time but they connect al things books with matter like gold and coal.

There is a gold mine in Ontario.


They sometimes leave cluese in the movies.


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