Internet Friends

Knife Party

Come now, surely we can be friends
I know so much about you
I love you
Look at everything I’ve done for you
You’d be nothing without me
Why don’t you answer me?
I bet you’re busy talking to some slut
Fucking skank
Is she hotter than me?
Would you fuck me?
Are you gay?
You blocked me on Facebook
And now you’re going to die
Now you’re going to die
You blocked me on Facebook
And now you’re going to die
Now you’re going to die
You blocked me on Facebook

should we contineud doing drugs and party like the 70 80s ?

should we Watch sport and climb trees and listen to eurodisco like the 90s?

should we do drugs and Watch Facebook and instagram liked we done since 2000

they do drugs to have fun ? they dont have fun ? they Watch Facebook ?

more drugs more loans ? more Facebook and instagram google more loans from all the Commercial ?

is there anybody that have watched a whole Movie since 2010 ? maybe maybe on Cinemas ?

i Watch Movies that ive already have watched because i know i will not see the whole Movie

somehow i Think fb is nice to connect to people but Watch it all day around maybe is bad ?

you will having trouble to relax !

maybe we start with shutting it down for you sleep 8 ?

we start with having the phone of for like 12 hours ?

1 hour lunch ? 1 hour dinner ? 2 hours wach a Movie from Before all the Commercial took over !

coughling law::

coktatils and Dreams =)!!

xoxo =!



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